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high school football game


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The other day my bf and i got into an argument, nothing major, just typical relationship stuff. That night(thursday) he asked if i wanted to go to his schools football game the next night (friday). I said that given the current argument, maybe that night wasnt a good idea and we should go the next home game(we go to different schools, fyi.)


Well, he got mad and flipped, and then we just decided to do something else. The next day though, his mom(whom i hate and is just a nightmare) told him he HAD to go, he had no other choice. So, i told him fine, we would go, BUT...he didnt want me to go! Because of past events and things he's done, like cheating, in our relationship, i got immediately suspicious, and asked him why not. he said it was because the last night and " i didnt wanna go with him " which is NOT true at all. I would have gone with him if our situation hadnt been so complicated atthe moment because of a stupid argument. Admittedly, though, i do not like his school for some reasons that he knows about, mostly with other girls. So i told him i would go, he said no, and i just lost it. Last time he did this, things were SOOO bad in our relationship and it made things worse. I begged him not to go without me, i cried, which for me is really something because i never ever show emotion, but he still didnt take me. i know i sound crazy, probably because i am. I know my relationship isnt healthy, but i love my bf and want to work thru stuff he's done in the past. Now though, i do have issues with him talking to girls, hangin out when girls are around w/ his friends, or going places w/o me. He knows this, but has said that he would do whatever it took to fix things. He has done well, with occasional 'bad' things.


But now im hurt, distraught, confused...he promised me he wouldnt go without me in the summer. Yes, we have problems in our relationship, obviously, but i didnt think he would make them worse like this. He knows how i feel about this, he knows because of past things he's done i get upset over little things. I dont know what to do now, and he wants to see me today...but i dont know. This is so messed up!

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Wow, your bf sounds like an a$$. If you can get past this, then WORK on it, dont just go back to normal with him. If he knew it would bother you, he's either doing something he's not supposed to, is getting back at you, or doesnt care. Either way its rude, and you shouldnt tolerate it. Side note- even if you truly are what sounds like to be worried and controlling(not to be mean, just my opinion), he has STILL stayed with you. He has chosen to deal with it. My fear though, is that he's had enough. Even so, he shouldnt play games like that.

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