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Manipulated... I Need some advice

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I broke up with my girlfriend last week. A week before I broke up with her, her parents said I was "detrimental" to her and that she was not permitted to see me. I don't know what they are thinking, but I have a friend who I consider to be a good friend. She hates him because she has the wrong impression, and she won't change her mind about him. She told me on the phone that "If you love me, you will stop being friends with him." I told her not to manipulate me, and we were supposed to go to a concert that night, so I told her it was off. Her parents think that I don't like concerts or something really stupid, and put all the blame on me. I just can't deal with this.... I tried to do the right thing, and she definitely didn't treat me the way she should. I just want some advice and opinions on what's going on, and what I should do, etc... I'm thinking I just need to move on and find somebody who won't do this to me.

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i would just ditch this chick! you can find someone better, you guys aren't bf and gf anymore anyway, so just don't go back to her. you should be friends with who you want and if she loved you she would exept that. just leave her. im sorry if it sounds rub but this girl needs to get a life and start thinking about others and not just herself. besides if her parents don't want you to see her either then what kind of relationshop it that?

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