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I am absolutly begging


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for some help.


Hi...yeah I'm new here and I've never actually had to use one of these sites before but now I am desperate.


I'm also not exactly sure if this is the section I should posting under but I don't care. Please. Someone help me.


I guess I'll put the story in chronological order....



Okay, so basically my best friend of seven years and I were conversing about random tings like drugs and achohol and how dumb we think it is that kids in our school are doing it. We were joking around saying that we would when we were older, but we promised eachother that we would never do such things.


She told me she had actually been curious about trying pot because her older sister was a pot head.


But, she promised she wouldn't ever try it. "I definitely promise you." she said. "If I do then punch me in the face." she said laughing.


A few nights fallowing was one of the worst nights of my life. I called her to get some help because issues were so out of my control. The phone rang and I called her almost eight times wondering where she could be.


I got over it by myself and she called me back the next morning. She told that she left her phone on the stairs out side.



Yesterday I found out the truth.


She blew off my phone calls to get high with her sister. I feel so freaking betrayed that words cannot describe it.


She lied to me twice and felt sorry about it, but I still punched her in the face. Now, I realize that probably wasn't the correct thing to do but I felt to mad and so lied from my best friend that I go to with everything.


She's like my sister and I have been watching her fall into short depressions for the past year. (Lately sh'e been getting harassed for being bisexual at school)

but what really bothers me is that when I told her how the thing she likes so much is hurting her and she told me she's going to ignore the fact that I don't like it.


I never thought that I would have to deal with something like this, and I realize how many kids have experimented with drugs but I'm so shaken up that I don't know what to do and I'm really afraid she might do something really stupid that will hurt herself.


I stayed up all night crying because I feel like I failed as a friend trying to keep her from these things.


I'm sacred, confused, and beyond hurt and have no one to turn to but this forum!!!!!


What do I do or how do I deal with this?

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SLOW down right now. Breathe. Got your breath? Ok, its marijuana. Got it? Marijuana. Trying it once twice or a few times isnt gonna kill anyone, ok? LOL


I'm more startled by the fact that you actually punched someone in the face over this, WOW. Thats a little out of line


LOTS of people have tried or do marijuana currently. Both of out Presidential nominees openly admit to it. Some of the worlds greatest leaders politicians, and celebrities.


Hell, I met Jack Nicholson's pot dealer 3 days ago, and he had some great stories of smokin with Jack!


So RELAX, weed is something alot of people try and dont do again, or d oonly socially, or whatever, its truly not as big deal; unless you are Mcgruff the crime dog or Walker Texas Ranger or something>



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You didn't fail her as a friend by not preventing her from using weed. That was her choice. Punching her was perhaps not the wise thing to do. You can either remain her friend and accept her use of weed or try and gently persuade her to stop, or stop being friends with her. You can't make her stop doing anything that she wants to.

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I'd give yourself some time just to calm down. It's easy to get carried away when you feel let down by someone (hence punching her in the face?). She's obviously having a hard time at school, and while pot isn't going to help the situation in the long-run, it might explain why she needs an escape. When you feel calmer maybe try talking to her about how you feel, and let her talk as well. But ultimately, if she wants to do it, that's her choice.


It also sounds like you're having a hard time too. Is there anyone else you can talk to outside of your best friend, like another friend or your school counsellor? If you could find some other support it might take some of the pressure off your relationship.


Hope it works out

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Well you did not mention the part about you wanting to kill yourself .......


Using drugs is a personal choice.....nothing to do with you


You won't save her .........


And stop with the hitting you go to jail for stuff like that.....you should be grateful


It a phase ......let it go ...

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