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Effort wasted.


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Yeah, it seems like I put effort into things only for them to get flushed away. I try my best at work, only to get criticized and am literally like a slave there; pretty much everyone there is my boss. I actually put %110 percent in every little thing I do or attempt (even if it's something I abhor) only to come out empty-handed. Plus, it doesn't help with the advice people give me, they say I'm "lazy" and "unmotivated" when they have no way to prove it; 'cause they're not me, never will be me, and have no idea what it feel like to be locked in my mind and stuck with my body. I can't remember a time I've done a single thing in my life "right".


I swear, I'm so far behind I must've been borderline-retarted as a kid. Maybe I have Asperegers' Syndrome.


Thus, I'm gonna stop trying. I'm gonna stop trying to better myself. I'm gonna stop trying to get another job. I'm gonna stop trying to make my singing voice "accessable". I'm gonna stop trying to do well at work. I'm gonna stop trying everything I do 'cause I'm gonna fail either way. Whatever. Makes no difference anyways. Every day I wake up, I find life slightly more meaningless, and thus, I've decided to just stop fighting and struggling and trying and dealing with this BS. It's easier on my weak-ass psyche.


"We are here on Earth to fart around. Don't let anybody tell you any different." - Kurt Vonnegut.

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I am sure not everyone in your life has said this and after all, you cannot please everyone; some people are simply impossible to please. But don't make that a reason to quit trying working. I am sure someone down the road will appreciate your work.

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