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Question for people who have used Plentyoffish.com


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When you try to contact someone and you get a message back saying-"You are not allowed to contact this user" What does that mean? Does it mean I haven't already been blocked because they saw my profile first??



That happened twice with two pretty girls and then when i went to contact a unattractive girl i didn't have that problem.


what is going on?

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If I recall correctly, people can set restrictions on who can contact them through the site such as by age, drug usage or marital status. It is likely you don't meet all of their criteria. You can see their filters at the bottom of their profile.


but what was confusing is I did, lol This is why I don't go to that crappy site

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You can automatically block someone from contacting you if they don't have a photograph, if they don't type a long enough message (i.e. you can set the minimum number of characters they have to type in their first message to you), if they do drugs, if they're married, if they've previously emailed someone looking for an 'intimate encounter'. Basically, you can set your preferences and block anyone outwith those preferences from making first contact.


I have taken my profile down now, but in order to contact me, you had to have a photo, had to live within 75 miles (although one guy admitted to creating a dummy profile just so he could contact me, as he lived about 200 miles from me), you must not be married or do drugs and you must not be looking for an intimate encounter.

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