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eaten s'thing that's a day over time (including heated meat)

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I can't say for certain how long food will last after the expire date, but cooked meat that is one day past, particularly if it has been refrigerated, is probably OK. As long as the refrigerator is cold enough and the meat was put away in refrigeration right after it was cooked, it probably hasn't grown a significant amount of bacteria.


Certain foods, like milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, etc., are usually OK to consume several days after the expire date.


I wouldn't worry too much. It was cooked, and as long as it was refrigerated properly, it shouldn't make you ill.

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There's no need to worry. The best before dates are only there for precaution, thereforee just one day over won't do you any harm at all. Do be careful not to reheat meat after it has been once heated. If you have heated meat up but are keeping some left over, it is safer to let it cool down then put it in the fridge. Eat it cold, reheating it is often dangerous- especially with chicken. It is of course just a recommendation, but a safe precaution. Most food is absolutely fine for a while after the best before date- a lot of food gets wasted because it is seen as suddenly 'poisonous'. Though of course there are some where the dates are justified. As for your problem, I don't think it's a problem at all. You say the meat you ate was heated, thereforee any bacteria would have probably been eliminated. However, if you begin to feel ill, don't hold back from contacting a doctor. I don't think you'll have any worries though.

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Most have a sell buy dates, there's a difference than an expiration date. A "sell by date" should be safe for a day or two after.


The best steaks are the ones marked down because of sell by dates, the meat is still god for a couple more days at least and they have a slight additional aging.


If you knew how long it took that chicken or turkey to go from processing to your grocery store, you wouldn't worry about 1 day.


The number one rule, use your nose, even if the date is OK, if it smells off, don't eat it.

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things that contain mayonaisse like potato salad' date=' egg salad, macaroni salad, tuna sandwhiches could make you very ill if left out for an extended period of time or long pass the expiration date, so be careful with those types of foods[/quote']


The mayonnaise spoiling things is an old wives tale that goes back to the days of homemade mayonnaise which contained uncooked egg yolks which could contain salmonella. Modern, commercial Mayas contains vinegar and is an acidic food like ketchup and does not spoil easily.


Usually it is what is mixed in the mayonnaise that will spoil, normal precautions should be taken.


Here's an article on that subject.


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I don't know the rules but just wanted to pipe in...


I am fussy about meat... I find that it makes a difference where I buy it. But still, if it's more than a couple days after I buy it, I have a hard time using it. If it's past the "sell by date," can't do it... I just can't.

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