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from foreplay to sex


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ok so im honestly very curious as to how some of you go about this. When you are performing foreplay on a female partner what steps do u take when u want to have intercourse, like to do just whip out the condom. Do you say something? do you just stick it in her? i mean so far i have always asked but it always feels weird doing that.



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Kissing, and taking care of the body, when your both ready for the actual "sex" part open the condom, teasing her is always fun not to mention she will want it MORE. Don't think about yourself, think about making her happy and "get hers" before you even get yours. Your a guy you can actually control it and "get yours" after because she can keep on getting hers


In most cases if your in a sexual relationship i agree with Cichlid "make out = sex"

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next time you're doing foreplay incorporate your penis. rub her clit with the head and tease her with it...guarantee if you stick it in after that even if she didnt plan on having sex she'd be down with it...most woman will yell at you to stick it in if you do that...i mean its already so close.

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