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School Advice... Plz help..confused

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Time is really flying by, I know its only July but its already the end of July. I really need to decide what I`m going to do after this school year that passes. I`m going to go and finish this year cause I am going to be graduating and get my mechanics certificate.


I also don`t have grade 12 math so I am planning on getting it either through night school or some sort of adult school program during the first semester, I know its going to be a bit challenging balancing college courses with a high school course but I gotta do it cause if I dont do it know I probably wont do it any time soon.


So I`m thinking to myself, and I`ve probably posted this before, if I`m going to do it I might as well redo g12 physics and see if I can get into university.


So now I don`t really know what I should do, in a way I have to get into university into a design program cause my parents keep boosting to people that I am going to be a design technologist where I am not I`m going to be a mechanic. I love cars and wokring on them but I also love really love to design. So in a way I have to get into a design related field.


I need to work thought at a shop, I cant keep working at retail job, so by the end of year 2 I`m working for a mechanic.


So I have a few options and need some input.


1) Go get my grade 12 math and redo grade 12 physics and apply to university for September 2009, get in and go to school and work at the same time


2) Get my grade 12 math, and redo grade 12 physics and apply to university for September 2009 and get turned down and just work, but at least know I at least tried but didn`t get in


3) Go get my grade 12 math and redo grade 12 physics and apply to university for September 2009, get in and go to school and work at the same time and end up dropping out cause I dont like it anymore or cant do it, like not do it because of work just cause I cant handle something like it, but know I at least tried it


4) Go get my grade 12 math and redo grade 12 physics and apply to university for September 2010, get in and go to school the and in the mean time work and make some moeny and keep working while attending school


5) Go get my grade 12 math and just work maybe apply after a few years


6) Go get my grade 12 math and redo grade 12 physics and just take some of the courses on the side, like during the summer semester and do it that way, in a form of a part time way.


7) I had also gotten into a computer technician program, or apply to that program

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Thats what I think is the best thing to do.


I kind of look at it like this:


If I can at least try it and if it work out for me then great I at least know I tried it and made it.

If it doesn`t work out well at least I know I would of had to find a different career path.

If I apply and I dont get in then I know I at least applied but couldnt get in at least I can say I applied.

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Well yea but dont forget I`m kinda forced into this, like my parents keeps telling everyone that I am taking design at school. I dont know why they are doing this I guess they are ashamed of me that I am doing a design oriented job, well I told them I might try it out later.

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Maybe your parents see a talent that they don't want to see wasted. If you get in you know your talented. It's not easy to get into the University, reason I'm only in the college of liberal arts thus far, couldn't get into my choosen original field and am liking the new direction I'm taking.

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My mom does the same thing. I'm going to school to study Japanese. And she tells people I am fluent and all this other BS. I called her out on it one day because it was so embarrassing for me! I am far from being fluent. And she said she just likes to talk up her baby girl 'cause she's so proud of her. Maybe your parents are doing something similar?? I don't understand it... but it seems like a typical parent thing to do. Don't give up on school!!! Good luck!!!

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Yeah but what your mom is saying about you and what my parents are saying about me its like comparing apples with oranges. My parents are boasting about me being in a design field, and I am not doing design. Your mom is just saying that your better at something that you are actually studying.


I wouldn't say its anything similar at all. In a way yeah you can say it is. Like I'd like to know why they are saying it. Are they ashamed of me? of what others will say and/or think? I'd like to know what I am going to say and do career wise, after I graduate. When I am supposed to be a designer?


I'm alos thinking about calling the college and see if I can get a full refund not partial refund and maybe just drop out and just work my crummy retail job for the next "x" amount of years until my girlfriend realizes I'm a loser and leave me and then when my parents jist kick me out for good.

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Oh pshaw man... you are better than that. I think you under estimate parental love. Don't you think your parents are saying you're in design 'cause they think you can be and will be? Just like my mom says I'm fluent 'cause she thinks I can be and will be? If you keep up the negative attitude all your fears will come true. It's a self-fullfilling prophecy.


Plus you're only 18. And you never know what you're gonna do when you're young. Heck, I still don't really know what I'm doing. Don't worry about what people think-- I know it's hard. Just live your life and enjoy it.


I wish you luck!

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Well I think I made my decision (I know its been a while since I've been on ENA). What I'm thinking is to do my G12 Math and forget about physics (since I've already passed it) and get into Architectural Technology, work as a mechanic while I'm not in class, and then get my Technologist diploma and then I have to for for 3 years to get licensed and then if I like still like it then great if not then I have my fall back, automotive.

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