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Why Can't I Say it?

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Ok, Here is my problem.. I'm 18, I've been dating my bf now for alittle over 4 months. Have known him for 6 Yrs. Well, Things are going great.. Except!. For the fact that I cant actually come out and tell him that I Love Him. He tells me all the time, and He is always asking me if he's saying it too soon or What! when honestly, I really do Love Him I just cant bring myself to say it. I'm worried that he's going to eventually think that I don't love him or whatnot. What is really confusing me with this is the fact that in Relationships I've had in the past I've always been able to say 'I Love You' and didn't even mean it. But seems like when I wanna say it and actually mean it , I cant? Could someone please help me understand why it's like this.. I mean honestly everytime I Go to say it.. I get speechless. So please.. Help!


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Some people just have a hard time with saying I love you. It may be that in your family people never expressed themselves by saying those words. On the other hand, you can trust your feelings and follow your heart. If he is saying it and your not. I'm sure he is waiting for you to say it back. But don't do it unless you really mean it. Because after you do say the special words. We'll it changes things. Take your time, it is a really big step.



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Perhaps you're just not ready to say it because this time it is in fact meant. Like Cid mentioned don't rush it.


Also, Love is a feeling, not a word. At least that's how i've always discribed it. Like many words they eventually lose their meaning anyway. Like when for the first time someone calls you a bad name, it will hurt. But eventually you'll find that word not even hurting you anymore. It loses it's meaning.


My parents never say that they love each other, but i know that they feel it. I really wouldn't worry to much about it... feelings can be expressed in a hundred ways, perhaps more. Don't forget that...

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You could possibly try expressing it in a different way-get him a card that says "I love you", write him a poem about love or look one up that expresses how you feel, send him an e-card, write it to him in a 'love letter', etc. If you're having a hard time with speaking the actual words, those will convey your thoughts as well.


But if you can't tell him at all, and really do love him, at least try to express this when he says it to you-touch his face and kiss him, give him a hug, squeeze his hand. But try to let him know in SOME way what you feel for him so he doesn't feel like an idiot and start backpedalling thinking he's rushed you. A lot of people have a hard time expressing it, but eventually, if you do love him, that feeling will have to be expressed; it's almost like a pressure that builds up to let the one you love know that you appreciate them in your life!



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