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Sunday and struggling... SOOO...


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...I thought I would go ahead an give a brief list of challenges I'm currently facing in my 25 years of age and list other things that I'm going to do or am doing to get past them. Feel free to either chime in on my stuff or else just post your own.



- Depressed or sad because of my unemployment.

- " " because of how my ex has moved on with another man.

- " " because the campus I thought I was going to attend appeared to be all run down and slummy.

- " " because I honestly feel like a loser.


My Approach

- Going to try and gather energy to go to Starbucks and then workout at a local Cardinal Fitness. Believe it or not, this "loser" has a bit of a six-pack, but I want to make it a strong and secure six-pack (and not one screaming from the past high school years, ya know?).

- Tomorrow, I will be contacting a few employers as well as contacting someone from a local 4-year school to ask some questions about cognitive psychotherapy, counseling, etc. to see if they have any programs to get started with. I'd like to be closer to home and IUPUI looks like a pretty decent campus despite the fact that an old flame went there.

- I'll keep telling myself that deep down, I'm not a loser despite the fact that I feel horrible at the moment. I'm crying as I type this, but I guess that's how it goes for someone like me who has the middle name "Lucky".

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