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saying goodbye to ex before she moves

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So my ex is moving away permanently in a few weeks, she's going to grad school about 4 hours away. It's not that far but I doubt I'll ever see her again after this, we never contact each other, and I've pretty much stopped hanging out with her friends too. we've both forgiven each other for all the horrible pain we caused each other, both are in new relationships, and on speaking terms, but I would never seek out her company as it brings back too many memories.


I'm not sure how to go about saying goodbye, something we both agreed to do before she left when things ended for good that last time . . .


Should I wait for her to contact me saying she's leaving? or should I call her in a few weeks seeing what's up? Or should I just not see her again?


It's annoying not knowing what you want . . .

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You are both seeing other people..why bother re-visiting this. Just let it go. She is going so why do you really need to say anything else. Focus on your current girlfriend and forget about this one. If she calls she calls, if not, what difference does it make to your life...you are with someone new.

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hmmmmmmm that's actually a really good point too. However, it doesn't hurt to just say "good luck"..."bye"..etc., maybe you should get the advice from your current girlfriend. Girls and the closest ones to you always seem to know what the right thing to do is.

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should get the advice from your current girlfriend. Girls and the closest ones to you always seem to know what the right thing to do is.


Perfect, thanks isilv3r that's great advice, and everyone else too for weighing in, have a great day

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Hm, that is kind of a tough one, but made a whole lot easier by the fact that you are both in relationships with other people now.


I think it can be good if you can keep things positive and especially good if this will give you some kind of closure that it seems like you may benefit from.


On the other hand - if you're still not sure what you want, that can make things difficult. But I think calling to say goodbye is appropriate. I was in a similar situation with someone I had to break up with a year ago who was moving to another country for a couple years. The night before he left, I grappled with the same issue you did - and came to the conclusion that it would be silly not to have a short phone call to someone I was very close to essentially saying good luck and wishing him the best. I did end up calling and kept it to 5 minutes, but I was sincere. He definitely appreciated it and I hung up feeling glad I had said something and didn't ignore it.


Good luck - I'm sure you will make the decision that is best for your situation.

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