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ideas for first date offline?


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OK...I am having a bit of a panic attack because I'm setting up a first meeting aka date with someone I met online. I am into this guy and I am fairly sure there are no creepy surprises about him.


Anyway, we already agreed to go somewhere to have dinner. I live in a pretty small little new england town but close by is a larger town. The larger town has plenty of other shops and restaurants and areas to walk around and sight see. Do you think that would be a safe idea? It seems like I always do the same thing when I meet someone from the internet. I eat somewhere with them and then I go do activity B, which is usually walking around aimlessly talking or going to see a movie. I kind of wish I had something more definite planned.


And an important note is that he's coming from out of town, about an hour away. Not the best situation, I know. But I am interested in meeting him. I'm also going to drive myself and then just meet him rather than getting in his car. I really want to play it safe this time. Does anyone have any input or ideas to help me? I don't want to blow this and come off looking really immature and lame. Help!

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See about going to a coffeeshop or a park and get to know each other. Everyone does the typical dinner/movie date and you can't get to know someone while watching a movie.


i fully agree!! did this with my current bf. disaster! lol.

ok, we met offline once to say hi briefly. that went GREAT. we went for smoothies and talked.


we met for out first "date" at the movies.. oh god.. we just stared at the screen, didn't say much. then after the movie we parted ways and said bye. sooo akward... luckily he texted me and asked me to go hang out at the park even though it was 12am. i think we should have done that in the first place b/c we got to just talk, chill out. that's the best thing to do i feel, to see if there is some chemistry.


but.. yea.. smoothies, ice cream.. something casual like that is great i find.


edit: read the original post. yep! dinner is perfect too.

so maybe dinner then dessert somewhere else?


good idea to go with your own car too. try to take things slow since it's someone you are kind of meeting the first time (even though you both have spoken online). it's still pretty much the first date.

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