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Sex or Sleep?


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there have been a lot of sex topics lately. so i thought i'd start one.




you are in a relationship. your SO either stayed over or you live together. uhhhhg, the alarm goes off.


do you want 10 more minutes of sleep or get some action for at least 10 minutes?


i'll post my answer later.

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Sleep without a doubt. Too much sex in a relationship can be a bad thing, and anyhow we need sleep to function properly, but we can function without sex.


That's how I think! haha... I need my sleep, my g/f would beg to differ that last sentence though, she needs sex to function...

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well as much as i love my sleep... def the sex.


and for the record i would have picked sex with my ex who i was with for 6 1/2 years...


its more of a question of opportunity. if i live with him and can get it whenever i want, id take the sleep. but if i only can get it at select times i pick sex.

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