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I don't know what to think anymore!!??

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Hello all, How is everyone, hopefully good!


So theres this girl, me and here have been really good friends going on about 4 years now. There was never any physical relationship between us, I wanted there to be, but was content with being friends since I was just happy to have her in my life. Regardless, we have always told eachother everything and anything about eachother, I know her like the back of my hand, as does she know me pretty well. The ONLY thing we dont talk about and never speak about is our feelings towards eachother, whether they be negative or positive. I have no idea how she feels about me.


So yesterday was her birthday, I gave her this box I made. It was absolutely beautiful, i inscribed her dogs paws and all the things that influence her life onto it, then i placed my favorite picture of us inside of it. I put so much heart and effort into making that box, the only thing i really wanted was to see her smile when i gave it to her.


I gave her the box she looked at it for a couple seconds said thanks and put it down. Her sister had to tell her to hug me. I felt like * * * * , her family and friends were all amazed and thought it was beautiful and kept on telling me so as she got up to go change a cd, cause apparently the bad music was more important to her than all the time i just put in because i care about her??? it really drove me insane.


I dont get why she reacted the way she did, its like she didnt want it. she just left it on the table in the same spot all night not even looking at it.


I have a question to pose for girls. Would you feel uncomfortable if your friend gave you something like that, that may be reserved for a gift from someone like a lover, but not a friend?? its the only thing i can think of. I just dont want to see her anymore after that. its like she had no heart that day.

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She could also be completely confused about how she feels about you. If y'all have been such good friends she may be scared of jeopardizing that and making something more, then that something more ending. I know I personally wouldn't want to mess up good friendships with guys because they're so few and far between.

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She also might have feelings for you... love or friendship... and she could've felt something that she had no idea how to deal with or didn't want anyone to notice... So she got up and changed the music.... I do that sort of thing...


You could ask her if she liked the gift or thought it was weird... just don't make the question too obvious...

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