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i got the ball rolling a bit more, maybe you guys can interpret her message and help me more


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so i wrote back to the girl i want to ask out to a wedding this summer, and mentioned if she had IM, which was what another member here on enotalone said i should do (in my last thread)


this is her reponse to me.


Better pic. Thanks! I am not sure who that scary guy is that you were posing as, but he is forever going to haunt my nightmares!


I am rarely on IM, I don't even remember the last time I was. But...if you get on it and want to chat, let me know and I will jump on and chat with ya. I am that cool and giving of a person! haha.


My "getting outta dodge" didn't really end up happening in so many words. I was actually going to move to ****, but last minute, plans changed. It was because of a guy, I'm ashamed to say. But, he is history. Deuche bag city! I resigned from coaching this year, as I wasn't as in love with it as I should have been. I was a runner, not a teacher of running. Once I got injured, and wasn't able to motivate by example, I love focus and interest for the most part. So, I applied for a photography job in ****, ****** and got it. I started yesterday. I think I will have more fun doing that (since that was part of my major). The time goes by very fast there, so I can't complain. Days in the office as a coach dragged. I never looked forward to going in and watching other people race (and trying to be happy for them) when all you want to do yourself is race...is hard!


So, me, my two dogs and my cat live in ****** now. It is outside of *****, so I made it about 15 miles from ******! Not bad. A start to getting outta dodge right?!?!


I'm just trying to figure out where my life is going to go next. Aren't we all!?


I am a pretty boring person. I'm sure that sells me as ultra cool and amazing! But, it's the truth. I like pretty calm, relaxing things. I like listening to music, working on art stuff, chillin with the mutts while watchin a movie, being outside, hangin with fam, etc. Pretty normal things. I am pretty quiet most of the time, but I'm pretty sarcastic and funny too...at least I think so. haha.


Other than that, I got nothin. That is everything you need to know about me! I am pretty average believe it or not.






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You aren't really flipping any big switches for her judging by her tone. I wouldn't ask her to something as formal as a wedding. If you want to meet her, ask her if she'd like to bring her dogs and meet at a local dog run, or something equally casual. Good luck!

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