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Should I leave her? and what are the consequences?

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I need some help as my mental state is getting worse and worse after I married her. I have high anxiety am depressed and am scared of my wife as she is moody and not logical at all.

Here are the details:


I married with my wife 6 months ago in another country and than moved to Canada.

However, after a short while, she became really moody and depressed and showed her real face. I found out that she is really spoiled ( something I did not know when i dated her). She refuses to work and tells me that I should not have married her if I can not afford the life she wants. Moreover, she always tries to change me by telling me what to wear, how to behave and etc ( like i am some wild monkey). Moreover, as her mood changes, she sends me extremly depressing messages ( like, I hate this misrable life and I hate living with a disgusting person like you, I hate you, or I will teach you and your family manners, or I call the cops if you come home and etc).

She hates my family too and thinks they call me every day and control my life ( which is not true, I talk to them once a month or so).

It is becoming really annoying and I have high anxiety because of her and am always worried. Right now we leave in a rented apartment and I am the only supplier of the family, which is extremly hard. And she complains on a daily basis. Financialy it is getting harder and harder for me to support both of us with the raising prices. Recently, I found out that she keeps a journal and hides it from me, when I confronted her about it, she yelled at me that i should leave her alone ( please note that we never keep secrets, and she even has acsess to my bank account, email and etc.)

I want to leave her, what are the consequenses for me? Can she get anything out of me? sue me or throw me out of my own apartment? I am really worried about my future.

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She will be able to get something out of you, but considering how brief the marriage is and the fact you have no children, I wouldn't have thought she'd be able to do that much to you. The longer you leave it, the worse you will get, and if you have children in the near future, you really will have problems. Seek legal advice.

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You need to get out of this marriage as soon as possible. You also need legal advice to determine exactly what she can get from you financially. I don't think you should have sex with her anymore as she obviously doesn't want to work and may try to get pregnant so that she can get child support from you. You don't say where in Canada you're from, but here in Toronto there are places that you can receive some free legal advice and there may be additional services available for immigrants. If you want to pm me with your location, I might be able to refer you to some free legal help.

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Yes, talk to a divorce lawyer ASAP! I wouldn’t be concerned with the consequences of leaving her right now, so much as taking the necessary steps in order to do so.


Be thankful that you recognized that this was a bad situation now and not after you had a few kids! That’s when divorces get really messy!


Good luck!

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