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i guess there is not much to say. Im a cutter, but ive started the healing process. Im getting over the terrible things of my early childhood and starting fresh. Ive had some trouble stopping cutting in the past, i have terrible drawbacks, the first time i tried to quit, i couldn't take it and tried to kill myself. It did not work. Now i try to limit myself to only cutting if i absolutely need it. Right after i tried suicide i spent a long time cutting extrememly deep, but ive slowed down and i dont think its as bad anymore. Ive been through some rough things, i have a phycologist whos helping me, neither of my parents know im cutting, or that i even tried suicide, but i think my mom knows, since she's always making me promise i wont hurt myself. Ive been lying to her about my problems, so i definetly wont tell her now or it would tear her apart. I guess, im just saying hi, ill be posting on here sometimes, so...hi other people i dont actually know. Im pretty mellow today and i hope it lasts!

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Hey, how are you?

My name is Nick and it is great to meet you. I am one of many, many people on here who are more than willing to help you out and talk to you whenever need be. Do not be shy cause we are all here for you.

Take care and hope you enjoy it here!



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