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Well, if it's not ONE thing it's another.

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I swear it's like clockwork ... everytime i'm OKAY ... he ALWAYS, always comes around to mess it up.


All of you here on ENA (most of you anyways) know my story ... my messy break up, blah...blah...blah. Anyways, today ... it was a good day.


Here I am sitting at home minding my own ... being lazy, enjoying my time off. My phone goes off ... it's a text message from a number I don't know. Here is what it said:


"why are you telling everyone that i hit you? that aint cool to start lying to make me look bad." when i read that i thought to myself .. i don't have to say anything to make you look bad, you make yourself look bad. because it's TRUE, lol.


I didn't even have to think for a second who it was.


He's retarded. I haven't told ANYONE that he has hit me, because well he hasn't. Sure I told my family and a few friends about the "spitting" incodent...but come on GET REAL. What did he think? That I wouldn't say anything?! GEEEET REEEAAAL!


Ugh. I don't know why he keeps messing with me! I am SOO MAD right now. I guess it's good that I am MAD and not all sad and emotional right?

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Ex's like to do this to make sure that you don't forget about him. It's what I like to call "reaching." They have no valid reason for contacting you, so they make up bizarre stories to get a reaction from you.


The only real way to get them out of the picture is to completely and absolutely ignore him...for good. Otherwise he'll learn that by doing this he will get a reaction from you either negatively or positively.

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I'm 100% sure that nobody told him that you said he hit you.


He just made this up to get a reaction from you. Don't give him any attention.


that's what i think bunney. i know that no one told him that because i've never said such a thing. and yep, you're right he's just trying to get attention. he's using any little lame excuse to talk to me ... it's his cry for attention. and it's lame!

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