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  1. I don’t get why you want this to work out so badly. The two of you are toxic for eachother. Good relationships are when two people bring out the best eachother. Clearly not the case for you guys. I wouldn’t like it if I was talking to my bf and he was humming/beatboxing. However, I would NOT fly off the handle over it the way she did, I’d simply ask you to stop. It’s good she’s reading this thread because she needs an outsider’s perspective on how toxic and awful her attitude and her behavior is. She needs a true reality check, maybe even behavioral therapy; her reactions do NOT sound no
  2. Sorry but could not disagree more with Sherry or anyone else that makes excuses fo him because "he works 40h a week". That is NOT a free-pass to be lazy, uninvolved, spoiled and plain taking the mother of his child for absolute granted (so to answer one of your questions OP, yes, there is no doubt he takes you for granted BIG TIME). There is nothing wrong with a little gaming from time to time to unwind, but this dude already gets home at 3pm (I friggin' WISH! So much time of the day left...) and still does little to nothing around the house, nor spend any time with his child unless absolu
  3. OP, I have read your previous threads and as much as some people here may insinuate that YOU are the problem (e.g I could not disagree more with arjumand's post on here - none of what you ever wrote made it seem to me that YOU are controlling and intolerant) and your wife is doing nothing wrong, please know that that is NOT the case. Your wife sounds completely unbearable to live with, she has severe emotional problems, doesn't hear you, doesn't listen to you, doesn't respect you. She blows up at every little thing and is unable to have a mature discussion or ever recognize her flaws or take c
  4. Having read some of your previous threads, it is so blatantly obvious that for some reason I cannot quite fathom yet (and no, the playful jabs he made at you are NOT reason to hate him like you do) you deeply, deeply despise your wife's family, and especially both your brothers in law (AND their children on top of that, who are innocent in all this!). I don't think this is about her giving away the babyclothes at all, you're just mad that she's giving them to your brother-in-law. You even had to include that he has no financial need for free clothes, just to emphasize how non-deserving he i
  5. Wish it was completely prohibited to smoke anyhwere in public. Smokers wanna destroy their health- great! but at least have the decency and respect to do it in the confinement of your own walls. No need to subject others to your unhealthy habits. Especially when its in areas where you just cannot avoid passive smoking such as train stations and such. You never know if a woman you smoke around is newly pregnant and passive-smoking in early pregnancy (and any other stage in pregnancy for that matter) can be very dangerous to the fetus. Just one of the many reasons it should be completely prohibi
  6. Lost 50lbs within 2 months (not exeggerating) doing intermittent fasting ( started off only eating within a 4-6 hours time window and fasting the remaining 18/20 hours), five days a week (on the weekend Im more liberate with what and when I eat). Cut out carbs, grains and sugar for the most part - no more pasta, rice, bread, potatoes etc etc. Focusing on ketogenic foods (high in healthy fats), plenty of vegetables and fish/meat. I work out 2-4 times a week but most of my weight loss can definitely be attributed to Intermittent Fasting. Went from jeans size 12 to 6 super quick. There is ton
  7. Thank you!! :) I am beyond excited to start that new journey in our life! Baby fever has been driving me crazy these past years haha. I was hoping someone could ease my mind is all, and to get any advice I may not have heard/thought of before. I do think that I valid reason to be concerned, but yes, of course I wont know for sure until we start trying or get him checked... Have not been on the pill in about 5 years now, nor any other type of birth control except for condoms during my ovulation period. I already take folic acid and both my boyfriend and I live a very heal
  8. My bf is 33, we have been together close to 3 years now & have recently decided that we are going to start trying for a baby in September this year. I wanted to know your thoughts on a couple things & if you think I have reason to be concerned. - Bf has never had a high sex drive, 95% of the time I am the one initiating it, he is happy to have sex when we do so its not that he doesnt enjoy it. He also doesnt masturbate (we talk openly about these things and I know he is honest) because he prefers sex. Can easily go 7-10 days without any sort of release - NEVER wakes up with "mor
  9. Well then things in aviation must have taken a massive turn since June last year (when I stopped working in the travel branch) because it has never, not once, been possible to downgrade an existing ticket (only upgrade). The flight system - most airlines use a program called amadeus - will not accept a lower class because then when it came to pricing, an error message would appear. Whatever though - my point still stands. He did her an enormous favor and anyone who would have expected him to dash out 1800 more or taking risks by making changes to a ticket on such short notice, is just a spoile
  10. You seem to be conveniently forgetting that the boyfriend had already booked his tickets a week prior, at the time he did not even know that the gf would be joining him, as the OP stated it was a very last minute decision. So would you really expect him to ditch his already booked ticket, which he already PAID for, using his hard earned miles? I have worked for a big travel company previously and can say that it is not possible to downgrade a ticket. He would have had to cancel his existing ticket, possibly lose money (as many even first class tickets are non-refundable or only partly r
  11. He is creepy, disgusting and has abusive tendencies (yelling, being disrepsectul). The way he talks about pedophiles I would not be surprised if he was one. I would be gone in a heartbeat, and never let him be able to contact me again. Please dont engage with him anymore, and do NOT let him around your child.
  12. Agree with all of this! Especially the part about divorce having been on his mind for a while, considering how quickly he mentioned it.
  13. Contrary to what other posters wrote, I dont think you are being insecure. You were even totally fine with him working in a different country! That says a lot. I am sorry but a married man has NO business writing to another woman in the early hours of the morning saying "Thanks for a great night" with a kiss emoji. Did he thank his other colleagues for a great night too??? Add that to the fact that he is trying to meet up with her 1on1. NOT okay at all - he is at the very least attracted to her. It seems like the only reason things are not going further with her, is because she appears not
  14. Would seem like a fistbump to me (which is much like a high-five). If it was a response to you making fun of her/making a joke about her, it might be a "punch to the face" (playfully ofc)? Just a guess.
  15. I'm sorry that your boyfriend has turned out to be such a douchebag. Unfortunately, this is who he really is - he started showing his true colours as soon as the honeymoon stage ended. He came out of an 8 year relationship and almost immediately started dating you; first big red flag. He was/is rebounding and should not have started this relationship with you in the first place. What you have now is a guy who is nowhere near ready and willing for a serious committed relationship - his actions are all signs of that. I know this hurts to hear but he certainly does NOT love you. A man who lo
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