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I was at a cafe today where I study regularly. This girl I met before at the cafe is studying for nursing as well, and we chatted a bit before we settled in different parts of the cafe to study. In came a very attractive man, and he knew her as well. He chatted a bit with her and sat at a table next to her to study. Then he moved behind me after a half hour or so. Maybe he found that area distracting or he needed an outlet, I don't know. Anyhow, she came over to talk to me once. And when she left she gave each of us a hug goodbye and left. He got up to leave as I was going to the bathroom (isn't it funny how these details become somehow important?) and our eyes met and I was like "how's it going?" and he said "good and you?" I said good and kept moving to the bathroom, but he asked me "are you studying nursing?" and I said yeah, and he told me he was studying pharmacy. I tried to go to the broom, but it was locked and went to sat down and we started talking about school and things. It wasn't a long conversation, mostly about school details. I told him I work two jobs and have three classes and am trying to apply for scholarships and he asked me... So how is your social life? with a smile. And I was like... uh, not so good... And we started talking about how hard it is to maintain...


And I let there be a pause in the convo and he said he had to go but do I come often to this cafe? And I said... always. And he said good, then he will see me again. And left.


Um... any indications of interest? I have to admit, I was enthralled by the fact that I had a chance to talk with an attractive, motivated and intelligent man. It doesn't happen that often

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