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so uhh i met this girl oversea's- we are both soldiers and we did a tour together.

she makes me feel like no other woman has ever before and ive been in love before and i never expiranced this with my ex..


i dunno its werid when i seen this girl for the first time i got blown away lol...


anyways she is back home and so am I but we live in diffrent states.


i told her i liked her alot and if she could ever see us going out together.

she said she could be friends like before but she doesnt do long-distance.


"passed relationship was long distance and i guess he ended up cheating on her."


so i accepted that she doesnt do the long distant-thing but...

some how a conversation came up on the phone about long distance and i made a valid point that no matter what she will end up being in a long distance relationship because of the service.


since then she started flirting with me more and started talking dirty to me...

which i dont mind...


she's getting ready to leave again and she would like to see me before she left and said i should come to see her..


could she just be scared because of the past? or do you think i am just reading to much into this?


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I say go see her and enjoy your time together and don't look too much in to it...you enjoy each others company and apparently you have chemistry...keep being yourself and showing her you are a trustworthy person and maybe she will be able to forget her fears...

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