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I admit it. I like her. But, does she likes me initially?


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1) She tells me she likes me then laugh about it

2) She sms me when we were in the same class during lessons to gossip

3) She laughs at supposedly lame jokes which i dun find lame myself

4) Ask me to help her in simple stuff



but then....

1) i avoided her eye contact

2) i was rumoured to be dating another girl

3) failed to reply to her sms




1) She started to communicate less with me

2) Turn down my invitation to movies and sports activity





I admit it. I like her. But, does she likes me initially? If yes did she give up halfway through? What should I do next?

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It sounds like initially she was interested in you, and was making that apparent. Your reaction, combined with the rumor, if I was her, I'd have taken as no interest on your part, and figured the rumor was fact - I'd "oopsed" and was making a fool of myself flirting and showing interest with a guy who had a girl, or at least wasn't interested in me.


I'll be honest, you're not in a position of strength to recover from here. I wouldn't start by trying to ask her out - I'd try to get some sort of ease back into talking to her first. Before you can make any progress, she's going to have to feel relaxed, and more open to being around you again. Awkwardness and embarrassment (with herself) are NOT the best ingredients to try to get a date with this girl - she's going to have to feel like at ease with you and herself first!


Right now, at best, she may well see you asking her as either out of "being nice" or as a fallback plan to someone else you had (or were going for).


Out of curiosity - why didn't you respond to her when she was making overtures to you?

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