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I won't ever be happy again...


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Hi, Im 17 and just about a week and a half ago I got my first girlfriend. I like her, she likes me, its a fine relationship, but....Im not happy. For so many years I have longed for a girlfriend and I thought that was why I was so depressed. Well, I have one and I feel awful. Is this normal? She treats me fine and everything. For some reason I miss the excitement of wondering whether someone likes me or not. I miss the tension. When at the time, I always just wanted to get to the bottom of it and know for sure. I realized now though that I really lived for it. I think I might've just started liking someone because of the tension and nothing else. I think though that once I do go back to wondering in the future if someone else likes me that I'll hate it. I thought having a girlfriend was the answer to why I was so sad, but now I know its not and I feel so lost. Has anyone else felt this way? Is this normal?

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