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I don't know if you've been following my posts but i have some real question marks about women. First off, why do they lie? My girlfriend wanted to take a break which lead to a break up saying how she misses me and loves me, but can't be with me right now. Why can't they just come out and say i don't want to see you anymore because "i want to sleep with other people, i don't care about you, you're ugly" whatever. It's taken me a while to get over the thought of maybe she'll come back. My point is they can't tell it like it is. 2nd, why do all women cheat. For years men have had the distiction of being the cheaters, but in a recent study, more women cheat then men. I don't know if my girlfriend cheated on me, but part of me thinks most women cheat and lie. One of my personal fav'sis when girls are at the bar and they say "i so never do this". Yeah, me neither baby. The sad part is that there are some of my guy friends have cheated on their girlfriends, but i know way more women who have cheated. I really just don't understand why girls lie so much. I really don't mean for this to sound like sour grapes because of my ex or that i'm intentionally trying to bash women. I'm really just trying to understand why. Anyone have any thoughts??

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HI. I guess we want to be loved at all costs. You know give sex for love. I have lied for this for the past 10 years and it has come back to haunt me. I am not attracted to my husband and repressed feelings for another came roaring back. I never had the heart to hurt him and tried to break up after 2 months and then later we had gone so far (we were older). I regret it to this day. It will certainly blow up in my face. Now I have kids and I am locked in for a while (adultery is inevitable). You are absolutely right.


Maybe you should blatently confront us. Try reading our body language more, be less silent, confront us directly straight in the eye.

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Maybe it's just the women that you encounter. Most of the women that I know do not cheat.


Question #1- Why do women cheat?

Main reasons, one they are selfish. Or two, they've been in an unhealthy relationship for so long that they can't take it anymore.


Question #2- Why do women lie?

Some women lie to sport their game. Like men, some women lie so that they can get away with doing things behind their man's back. Other reasons why they might lie are b/c they don't want to hurt your feelings to a brutally honest answer.


In all honesty, I think that there are a lot of nice women out there. Maybe some of the women that you encounter are the types that use people. A lot of those types of women lie to get their way all of the time. They lie b/c they know that you'll do whatever it is that they ask of you. In otherwords, some women just like to use men, so they lie.


Just like men, vice versa.

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Why do men lie?


No, I think mahlina has hit it right on the head.

Often, they want to avoid the brutal truth, just as any sensible person would, so they sort of euphemise... Perhaps men are slightly less forgiving in that sense.


But it just depends on the girl...

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alright ladies i have another one i get from girls all of the time. Why do they say that "your the 2nd guy i've ever been with". Me and my friends laugh all the time because we hear it often. Why ladies why? Sometimes i know it's not true but i just go along with it. The one thing (girls, your going to agree with me here) i know is that girls LOVE scandal. I think thats maybe why there more inclined to cheat and lie. Comments?

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Hmm, I don't know, since I've never said that except when it was true, I can only speculate that the girls don't want to seem completely inexperienced, and at the same time, don't want to give the impression they've been "loose" or free with their favors. Basically "I'm not a virgin, but this is a big step for me, don't get the impression I do this every day; I'm not the type for just casual sex." It could also be a way of them saying they aren't interested in anything but an actual relationship by making the point they're not casual with their bodies.

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Humans usually lie because deep down inside they don't feel adequate enough for another person to like or love and they are scared of further rejection. Lying can be a self-defense mechanism, it can be a coping mechanism, it can be someone who has learned (socially and culturally) that it's not ok to say what they feel or think- that it is better to bite the bullet and suffer the consequences than to allow themselves to be openly vulnerable to other people's criticism.


A woman lies to you that you're only the second guy they'd been with: Translation-- "I've been with many other guys before but I don't want your ego to be hurt or have to deal with your jealousy or you comparing yourself to all those other guys I've been with, or have you think I'm a slut, and I don't want you to think I'm totally inexperienced-- so I'll just tell you that you're the second guy I've been with and avoid all the hassle in explaining and defending myself from any potential accusations or problems you might bring up."



A woman lies to her mother-in-law that she loves her mother in law's jello: Translation: "Sure I'll have some more of your gawd-aweful jello and gag down every bite just to keep our family relations harmonious."




A woman doesn't tell you she has an STD: Translation-- "I slept with this one retard who told me he was clean but really wasn't and it was a mistake and now I'm stuck with the consequences. I wasn't a slut, it could've happened to anyone-- but society assumes that if you have an STD then you must've slept around a lot... so I'll just tell him I don't have an STD because I really wish I didn't have one and I wish I could have normal sex life and avoid all the hassles, humiliation, and probable rejection."


You get my drift. The same goes with guys. Guys lie like that also. Everyone lies and society and culture are all part of the reasons why everybody lies so much so often and so blatantly.


(Please excuse the *bleep*ed words. I just meant to portray the negative stereotypes society puts on people and the emotional burden those labels have and how those labels can motivate someone to lie).

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over the years iv learned alot of things, and one of them is to not depend on anybody. i would go as far as saying not even your mother. trust them, but not so much that you are depending on them.


'why do women lie? why so men lie?' i dont know, u tell me why do u or why have u lied in the past? everyone has lied, and everyone has a secret agenda deep inside them for whatever they do, even if its helping another out. i try to help people out here not for you, but for me, to raise my self esteem and be satisfied that i am sharing my knowledge. thats how everyone will remember me if i ever decide to stop using this forum.


not trusting anybody is a sad statement to go by, and it feel like im on my own in this world. but for me its either that or risk hurting myself by putting my trust in someone. my ex told me she loved me 3 days before she telling me its over. i believed her, and thought we would never part. every single week i see girls who have boyfriends kissing and flirting with other guys when their man aint around, and the same with guys. the next week they are still couples with their partners, who have probably not suspected a thing. the other day i saw a tv clip where a wife was giving a dude some sucking in her nice, fancy house. then when the husband came home, she hid the dude, opened the door for her man, kissed him and they began chatting about family, dinner and kids. you would never have suspected a thing. i was shocked, lost for words, and felt hatred towards women. also at the men like that dude.


i guess everyone looks out for number one at the end of the day. they'll do whatever it takes to please or satisfy themselves. they will lie or do whatever needs to be done to keep themselves out of trouble. etc. it doesnt matter what the situation is, its always yourself that u are really looking out for. there for i dont think u can trust anybody but yourself.


0X looool dont want to sound harsh!

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Hey Dude


I would have to agree with you totally....I have had the same experience on more than one occasion. And I am also mind boggled. What I had to do was just let it go.....and I mean let it go....some questions will always go unanswered...and I think this really is one of them. The stats are turning the other way for sure. As far as telling it the way it is. You can just forget that part. It does not happen my friend. Most women I have had love head games, and can twist anything they want in their favor. Even when it makes "NO" sense to us. Women are from Venus, Men from Mars.....


Don't give up...their are plenty of goood and honest women out there. You and I just have not found them just yet. At least we are in the game trying.


Good Luck



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