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My ex-girlfriend broke up with me a few months ago in what I think was a cowardly and mean way. As time has gone on I have tried to talk to her and I wish I could be her friend but she hurt me a lot when she broke up with me, and she still seems very inconsiderate. I don't think she is worthy of being my friend anymore but I miss her so much. She was my closest friend.


I don't feel sad about the loss of the relationship all the time anymore but im always remembering her and it brings it all back again. It does go away again but I'm wondering if this is normal.

When I spoke to her last I got an empty kind of feeling in my stomach, a mix of anxiety and sadness i think, when I asked if she still got anything like that and she said no, nothing.


Is it normal for it to linger so long? Like i said in the topic, i think i just really miss my old friend.


Thanks in advance.

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Mike-e-mike -- Yes, it's normal. It does get easier with time, esp. if you get involved in your other friends' lives and concerns. I'd guess you're missing the emotional intimacy, the ease of talking, the way you kinda knew what each other meant.


Growing closer to friends and caring about them can feel like work sometimes, or not as fun, but in the end you'll be able to fill the hole you feel now. We were all made to have friends, and good, true friends at that. Not just b/fs and g/fs.


Some people stuff their feelings (or don't have deep feelings to begin with). Others of us wear our hearts on our sleeves. People are different, and you can take however long you need to heal. Just keep moving forward! Hope that helps a little.

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I had to reply - I have been in the same situation but with many twists. But, the case is I really understand where you are coming from. She was the one you loved most. She was your bud! right? I am here to tell you if that was what you had ?? both of those? then it is hard! Very hard. What I realized here is that it is difficult to have both and lose the combination. Where to turn? However buddy, its lonely now - you will get what you need in time. For now make some new friends, express yourself like you did here and grow. You will in time arrive at a comfortable spot and understand more. So focus and open yourself dont close but experienc .


Later Bro.

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