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Well its 6 months since the ex dumped me and im feeling a lot better, I have even meet someone I like. I have got her number and text her a few times just general chit chat, anyway I want to ask her out but im scared of rejection. I do not need more rejection a this present time, im finally feeling better!! I meet this girl for the first time about 6 years ago and I know she fancied me then but I was happy being single. She may still like me so what shall I do??


We had a wicked time in a club the other nite, there were other people there but we seemed to spend most of the nite together. I don't think she is seeing anyone else.


Advice please

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Sometimes you just need to take the risk I understand how scared you are but if you dont make a move then youll never know will you!

She may still think that youre happy being single and Im guessing that you havnt told her otherwise, the fact that you are still in touch after 6 years would make me inclined to think that she must like you!

Also you run the risk that shell be snapped up by someone else if you dont get in there first.

You say that you text each other so why not send a text suggesting you meet up for a drink that way you dont have to do the face to face thing, if you dont try then youll never know so go on be brave and make the move.

Good Luck

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All I have to say is she obviously wants to get with you also, Go for it.

It seems you dont have the confidence you need your already assuming

the out come of what she is going to say, dont just go for it. Now if you

hadnt been talking to her then I'd say dont, but she's been talking to you

for some obvious reason,right. I hope she says yes, and I hope this helps you with getting her, well good luck

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