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Hey again everyone, I miss visiting enotalone and checking back here reading advices. I've just been busy with college, and it slips out of my mind.


I don't know why lately each time I'm alone (w/ out friends or bf) I get this feeling of dread. Naturally I would not usually have such worries and thoughts. Overall my life has been fine, nothing dramastic and seems quite normal and happy. I can't explain this feeling of insecurity/paranoia about things...just so randomly about the little things. Yesterday I even had a dream about my pet *bird leaving me and going off somewhere else.


I wish I could talk to someone I know about it, but it might seem weird because I don't really have a reason to feel sad, yet I can't understand. It's like phasing in and out of a temporary depression. To the point where I can't concentrate on some hw. Maybe some of you have been through this experience, what can I do to resolve it? It gets worst each day.

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Hey viettwinkle. I'm not too sure wether I've felt the same but at times, when lots of change is occurring or maybe during a period of stress (like something sudden has happened in ur life or during exam week) you tend to go paranoid over something. Sometiems its nothing, sometimes that's when you realise something new.


Maybe its signs that you're about to loose something, a position, a friend, money etc?


I think we all like to feel secure but I'm still not quite sure why u feel like that either. Maybe its just a fear of loosing something?


Happy Heb

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Do you have poeple you can talk to, by that I mean really talk to about the things you want to say? Sometimes I find that really helps me.


Do you also have feelings of restlessness, like there's something else you should be doing? Who you feel is sometimes linked with those feelings as well.


It's hard to say why you feel the way you do, or how to feel better about things. I do know that talking about it should help though. In communicating with others, we quite often discover in ourselves where some of the true issues lie. Talk to us, that's why we're here!

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uhm I don't know about ADD, it's possible but no reason to come to that conclusion from what you told us. You said this was new, ADD is a disease you are born with and this would be normal if you had ADD.


BUT I do think that there is something going on in your life you aren't fully aware of. There is no way for me to tell you what that is. When you start to feel like this, or afterwards start thinking, let your mind wander a little bit, then ask yourself questions, like why I am upset like this? Oftentimes I will hear my brain scream out the answer, such as "because Jane Doe is a stupid winch!" even if I am not aware that Jane Doe has upset me so much, (not necessarily a person, could be an event, a place or just a situation) I then ask myself more questions, like so why do I think Jane is a winch? b/c she hurt my feelings - What hurt your feelings? the way she treats me - How does Jane treat you? like a stupid kid - What is a stupid kid? Am I a stupid kid? Why would she think that? Just keep asking yourself questions, hopefully you'll find the answers, and if not, its a good exercise to help understand yourself beter.


GOOD Luck!!

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