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I am so close to her but then so far..

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My ex girlfriend and I began dating in december of 2001 after being regular friends... A few months later we were in love and spent every second together and had the best times. We even became each others best friend. A few month's ago, she started acting shady, and then brokeup with me because of feelings for someone else. I was crushed. They then started going out 2 months later and I was the desperate ex boyfriend always calling her. Then i didn't for a few weeks and felt so much better until school started. When we went out, we had no classes together. This year, we are in period 1 and 2 together and are lab partners and the teacher will not move my seat for some reason so I am stuck next to her. Well i can barely look at her without breaking to tears because I still love this girl so much. She has a new boyfriend and it kills me to see them in school because it brings back great memories.. The thing is.. My ex still tells me that she loves me and I am her best friend.. Well yesterday, I wrote her a goodbye note to tell her that It was great having her but i guess it is finally over.. She began crying right in front of me in class after reading it.. I comforted her.. Well today at the end of 2nd period, she asked for a hug, so I gave her 1 and she then kissed me.. An said she loves me and walked away.. Now can someone please give me some ideas on what is going through her head and what I should do, because I love her so much but can't be played with because I don't want much more pain.

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Its my first post. =_) But anyway, I would say, don't believe what she tells you. First things first, she has already made a choice to break up with you for another guy. She has already made a CHOICE of who she wants to be with. But I can tell you that she is very confused. Because somehow although she made a choice. She doesn't want to lose you either, thereforeeee, trying to cling on to both guys at the same time. Women are sometime selfish. They wish for the guys to be good to them, treat them as if they were their gf's. Somehow they enjoy enjoy being cared, loved for. She knows thats you treat her well, and still has feelings for her, thereforeeee she's reluctant to lose you. Get what I mean? =) Well, at the end of the day, the choice is yours to make. Whether you choose to believe her and wait for her, to patch back your relation or to move on with life. Which I suggest the latter. Hope this helps.

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