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like this girl alot, but like always there are catches...


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hey there, well about a month ago i posted about how i was cutting myself and gowing through a really rouph time. things are getting a little better thanks to this site i was able to get my courage up and tell someone about my problems the doctor recomended me to a social manager or something like that i met with him thursday he is a really great guy and i told him about my probs i think he is someone i could easily talk to im still relativly depressed and cut, well anyway last night i went to a party thing the first real social activity in about a year and a half so i was really nervous and excited , well there i met the most gorgous girl if not ever in a really long time, she is so sweet and always has a smile but like anything else theres a catch she is my best firends ex, i do not consider myself that attractive and im really shy. so last night i was able to hang out with her alot but only in groups like two people here four there but a few times i made her lauph i think in the way of shyness i did really good i was able to over come it most of the night. i havnt stoped thinking about her yet and im the kinda guy that when i have a girl on my mind no other girl matters it doesnt matter if there a super model they intrest me as much as a guy would (which is no intrest ) she and my friend only went out for like two to 4 weeks or so and HE ended it, im not sure if im ready for a relationship it would be my first plus i have all this therapist crap going on. i feel like it would be easier if i had a girfriend to hold when i was scared someone who would help me through it. im very unexpierenced in the dating field so i dont know if she was ever flirting or if i even was. so any tips adice ill take anything, thank you so much for reading all this !!

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hi carbine


I glad 2 hear that ur well, a mate of mine was doing exactly the same he almost cut his wrists a couple of days ago over some rumors that were spread about him and my best friend (a girl, she was his ex). I gald u found some who taking an intrest, i used to be really shy around girls and still am a bit i found that havin a gf or a girl-bestfriend helps get ur emotions out and not be scared to tell anyone anything.


I hav no real tips on dating 4 u, except 'be yourself' around any girl and they will like u more 4 who u r.


Best of luck with this new girl


- whitefang


p.s. if u wana know my story the url is: link removed

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Hi there,


Tips on the situation? Why not just ask your friend if he'd mind if you asked out his ex? Technically the relationship between them is over so it doesn't matter, but it's the nice thing to do I suppose.


You mentioned that it would be nice to have someone with you during the "hard" times, and that's alright, but understand YOU have to solve YOUR problems. You need to be happy and comfortable with yourself to be successful in relationships. Why? Well in my opinion if you're not you tend to lean on them too much, need too much attention, get into things for the wrong reasons...etc...plus you may take rejection too seriously. Dating is like job hunting in the sense that, it may take 10 NO's to get a YES, but you can't let it get to you.





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