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Let's talk about masturbation....

Delusional Kisses

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Lol. I had a girl trying to get me to "experiment" on the bi side with her.

I wanted to run.

She was trying to be a bit convincing too. Sorta like saying "so how do you know your 100% straight and not bi?" bla bla...

I would avoid her a bit. Or tell her to quit it unless your liking it or don't mind it. I would be a bit uncomfy around her if she continued to imply things. What if she tried to kiss you or make a move.

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OK...That's a little odd. I think that kind of stuff is personal, unless you are in a relationship with her/him. I dunno though, some people actually go around telling their friends "stuff" like that. So, I guess it depends on the kind of friendship two people have.


If you felt offended and out of place by this question, then tell her how it made you feel.


If you are comfortable with your sexuality and oreintation and it doesn't bother you, then just be honest. I think my cousin asked me this once..I was open to her, but then again, we are very close. We tell each other everything (though, I haven't spoken to her in a LONG, LONG, LONG time)...

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