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Being treated unfairly HELP


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Im so angry right now, my Mother won't treat me right. Im 18 and just started working at a movie theater which i really like. She tells me i can only work 2 days a week but i signed up to be available for 6 days. I barely do anything at home and she wants me to stay home! And when i wnated to work this extra day she said im not 'professional'. Since when did u have to be a pro to put nachos in a tray or fold pizza boxes? She always puts me down, turns simple questions into arguments with me and worst of she treats me like a little kid. Im thinking of running away but i dont wanna leave my brothers. I just wanna move out ASAP can any1 help me out here?

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It sounds like your mom is putting you through her secretive "test". Mothers do it ALL the time! She isn't trying to put you down. No, not that. Don't ever think like that. Mom's know best. Just let her know, that whatever job you do, is your choice. She'll respect that. Being motherly about it is normal. Don't think about running away. That's a funny and stupid thing to do. For that???? Come on! Mom's are always right. It is totally normal for her to say stuff like that. It is up to you to do what you want. Just remember, she will be there for you for the rest of your life. Your a lucky guy!!!!! To her, you will always be her little baby...I have a son and he is the best! Hope this helps

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some times i think she is jealous of me. Everyday she coems home complaining about her jobs. While i come home and say wow i cant wait to go back to work! Get this i offered to take my brothers to my workplace since its my day off and im not working, i get free movies with 2 ppls. And my mother said NO. She pulls excuses like its dangerous outside, its raining, they gotta sleep early( i was gonna come home at 7). Can u believe that? AND she takes the car she SIGNED OVER TO ME to go to work instead of her navigator! tell me bout that.

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Some parents are overly critical!


If I were you, try to live at home until the first 2 years of your college credits are done, then move out. You'll save lots of money by doing this.

If you can, try to put up with her comments.


She's probably really pessismistic. Try to be the better person. I know that it's suffocating, but you won't live with her forever. Even if she makes you angry, she's still your mother, so you still have to respect her.


I think that she doesn't like the fact that you work at a movie because she cares about the kind of environment that you'll be working in, and the hours the come along with it.


She probably doesn't mean to insult you intentionally. Some people just aren't good with expressing their emotions, so it always comes off as an attack...


Some mothers act like the breadwinner and lack that emotional side. Just bear with it for a while.


In the meantime, she's right in a fact that working at the movie theatres will probably demand odd hours from you, such as working until 2:00 a.m.


You might want to check out other jobs like working as an optician, you earn a descent salary without a degree; especially, if you're still in school. Plus, the environment is clean, you get to wear a doctor's coat (people might think that you're a doctor), and the hours are flexible.


Costco start their opticians at $11/hr-$15, depending on your experience. Except, you don't get the labcoat!


I know that this is more info that you've asked, but the main point is, even though you're mad at your mother, her intentions are not to hurt you. Maybe, you should purchase a book on 'how to communicate with your children', and give it to her for Christmas! J/K (Don't, this will be an insult)!

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Actually, sounds to me like she might be panicking cause you're growing up and away and don't "need" her as a mom as much. Not all parents welcome their kids getting ready to leave the nest, whether it's from seeing they're getting older, to just being plain overprotective and not ready to let go.


I dunno if she'd be receptive to an "adult to adult" calm talk about it, something like "mom... you'll always be my mom, and I'll always be your kid, but I'm 18, and I need to start taking on more responsibilities and making more of my own decisions so I'll be ready when I do go out on my own, instead of being clueless. Please try and support some of my choices even if you're not sure of them, and let me make some of my own mistakes and learn from them; I'd rather learn while I'm here with your support than after I'm on my own." I dunno if it'll get through, but at least you know you've tried... it's hard constantly being at odds, cause resentment and hurt feelings always seem to end up as a result, even when you try your best to avoid it.

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