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Yikes...am I getting old?


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Yikes CaptainPlanet .....


"You're young to truly old people, but old to the very young I'd say to someone under 21, you're old. To someone under 25 you're older but still part of the young crowd. To someone over 25 you're just normal."


So what you're saying is that anyone in their 20s is old?


Thanks to the others for the great advice. At least there's something to look forward to when I hit 30 and 40.


I am saying age is a relative term and that 28 is by no means old in absolute terms. To some groups of people 28 is rather old.

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well Im 30, and by the time i will turn 31, I will be sexier looking then when i was 21, i have committed to this entire year to get in shape and im already almost where i want to be in 6 months. But I also think its more about what is happening in your life that will make it good or bad. Im going through some drama at 30, but i feel much more confident in most parts of my life than i did at 24. other than money i feel i can do anything. I wouldnt go back to 24 for anything and im looking forward to the future. whether im with someone or not.


That is good that you are comfortable with yourself I am happy for you. I am not sure what that has to do with you or the OP being considered young or old.


As I said before age is a relative term. A 21 year old might view the 30 year old in the group as the old person, a workplace full of 50 year olds might see you as young. When my Dad talks about the 'young blokes' at work they're seldom under 30 years. So you can't ask if 28 is old, it depends on the situation you are in. If you are going to college or working in an area typically staffed by under 25 year olds, yes I would say you are rather old at 30.


For a lot of things I am old, one of those things is tertiary education. I accept it 24 is old to be in school but I have to do it to get to where I want to go, so I shamefully will go to school (college or whatever else you call it). There is a difference between too old, and just being old, a very big difference in my opinion because one implies absolute and can be offensive, the other is relative by comparison only.


The footballer is old or he is too old to play football.

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Nothing shameful about going back to college at any age. My friend's husband is finishing his degree now and he is in his mid-30s. Very impressive.


Yes, age is relative. When it comes to what is considered "old" to be never married I suggest that moving to a major city where there are lots of single people of all ages - and in particular single people in their 30s and 40s -helps single people feel more comfortable about their ages.

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I am 18 and feel like I'm getting old, too. I know that sounds crazy, but time just goes so quickly that by the time I know it, I will be 22 and, knowing me, will have made no significant progress or strides to speak of. That is awfully depressing, but I guess only I have the power to change it. Still, I wish I could stay 18 as many times as I wanted and be able to try different lives with different personalities and different experiences, but I realize that would be impossible, not just considering the obvious, but also that if I were a different person, I wouldn't be me and thus wouldn't experience things as me, thus defeating the purpose.

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