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I went to New York for Christmas holiday. My mom's friend lives there so we went to spend christmas with her. My mom's friend's boyfriend's daughter has a boyfriend and he is 26. She is 23. Anyways I have a crush on him and his name is Maurice. I think he liked me too even though he has a girlfriend and a kid. He was flirting with me but I think in a sexual way. Whenever we saw each other we would both stare at each other. Then one day he said to me you like me. I said no but I really did. Then he said yeah you do cause you' always looking at me. He asked me if I was a virgin. Then he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. I said no but I wish I hadn't. He asked me if I wanted to go for a drive too. He asked me if I wanted some milk and I didn't answer and he said he'd give me some milk. Whatever that meant. But this is why I think he was flirting with me in a sexual way. Then I said lets play fight and he said ok he'll pin me. And I smack his booty and he'll smack my booty. To me he was showing signs that he liked me and sometimes it was like he wasn't paying attention to me. When I was leaving he asked me if I was ok cause he knew I wasn't happy about going. And he said he hopes I'll be ok. But I'm 17 and he is 26. Does age matter? Those times when he spoke to me his girlfriend wasn't around. I'm confused I think he was beginning to feel the same way about me too but not sure.

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Well im glad you are away from New York because by the sounds of it he was just gonna use you for sex!


Some of things he was saying were sexually related. He has a girlfriend and he was prepared to cheat on her! Now, do you think you cant do better than that? Do you think all you can have is someone elses boyfriend? Of course not, you are way too good for that!


He never done it in front of his girlfriend cause he doesnt want to split with her, but since you were over, he thought he'd have a little fun. And if he had have, the only person that would have been hurt was you!


The age difference? Well everyone has different opinions on this but mine is that age doesnt matter within reason! Age is only a number, a statistic, it doesnt determine nor affect true love. Some people are ,alot more mature than others for their age, so sometimes it balances out. At 17 though, i do feel you should date people around your own age to you learn about relationships. He's 26 and much more experienced, thats why he was trying to take advantage of you.


He's not a nice person and I feel so sorry for his girlfriend and so should you.


You can do better than someone elses boyfriend.


Good luck,

Tony, 27, Ireland

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