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Wanted: Your Opinion


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I just wanted the opinions of a few people.


I was wondering what everyone that reads this message thinks about how a girl finds out that you like her.


Situation 1: You tell someone that you like the person and word gets out. As i'm sure you all know, "word" anywhere, spreads like a virus. In this situation, you use one of her friends to find out something about the girl you like, so that you can have a bit of indepth knowledge about her, that you would have not known otherwise, when you approach her. Then, word gets around, and by the time you ask her out, she already knows you like her and has had a chance to be either persuaded or disuaded/corrupted by friends, as opposed to expressing her own feelings.


Situation 2: You do not ask anyone about her. You let the situation fall completely into your hands. When you are ready and confident, you go and ask her out. This way, she has not been corrupted by people that may not even know what they are talking about.


What do you think?


Another thing, all of this is has been on my mind for some while now. I am about ready to make my move, and want to know what you think. Also, I have two hotmail accounts, one with my name and one without. I tried to get her e-mail address from a friend of hers, anonymously of course. Well, I used the wrong e-mail account by accident and I sent her the one with my name on it. Damn. I haven't received a reply yet, so I figure she doessn't check her messages. Problem is, she has sort of loose lips, and I can't risk what I did, considering I want to use situation 2.


Please help, it is greatly appreciated.



I love only one, her name is Mandie

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Hey JD,


I vote for situation 2 myself. Then it's all in your hands and you direct the game. If the 'wrong' people get to know about this, they might give your girl the wrong info and that doesn't get you anywhere.


Besides that: honesty is the best policy... open communication does the rest. Did I mention that asking a girl out is fun? First time is scary, but then you just learn and go by the flow.


Nike says: "Just do it!" ... why don't you??


~ SwingFox ~

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Dont get me started about Nike.

The way i see it, if the word does spread, use it to your advantage - like seize the moment before they corrupt her to much. I can't see why her friends would want her to not go out with you thaugh?

But yeah, if i was you, i owuld try to take option 2. If the worst comes to the worst, its only normal to fancy someone.

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