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Two months ago I called things of with my ex because neither of us were happy and we needed to spend some time apart to figure out what we wanted.

Having been without her for that amount of time i realize how much I love her and I'm able to see all the errors of my ways during the time we were together. I miss her deerly and would like nothing more than to give things another try but i know this is something that can only be done when the time is right and if we both feel the same way.


Since we separated I met up with her and told her that if she felt there was no chance that we'd ever be able to give things another go

i'd prefer it if she could tell me outright. This was very hard for me to do because, although it would give me closure it's actually the last thing i really want to hear.


She sais that at the moment shes enjoying single life, and doesn't want a relationship with anyone. As far as a relationship with me in the future goes, shes still deciding what she wants.


The thing I fear the most is being kept waiting for months only for her decide she doesn't want get back together.


In the mean time I feel at a complete loose end and not really sure what to do.

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i know that you say you love her and want to be with her, but we should never love anyone more than we love ourselves. so why not get out and try to enjoy being single. it is not going to make you feel any better sitting around not doing anything. and if something is meant to be it will be. what if she does meet someone and decides she does not want to be with you, then you have wasted valuable time and feelings. get out and if nothing else it will take your mind off of things for a while. good luck

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Go out with your buddies. Sports, fishing, camping, bowling, etc. Go out there and do the guy things you missed doing with your guy friends.


Improve your mind by reading on topics of interest.


Work on the bad habit you have.


Keep your house clean and keep things in order. It will help you feel better not to be around clutter.


Go for walks, jogs or to the gym and exercise. Keep your body in shape.


do all the self improvement things you have been putting off and when you are done you will have a better outlook on life and a better sense of self confidence and self respect as well as that from and for others.


Who knows. If she sees you actively doing things as a single person to improve yourself then you may win her over again but if not then someone who will be well worth it will come along.

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