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biggest engagement/wedding mistake??

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I don't recall any mistakes (it was a long time ago).


But basically anyone who forgets that the wedding is not just about them but about their partner and celebrating a marriage with relatives and close friends.


And failing to plan for things going wrong and getting upset when they inevitably do. I remember one woman suing a baker because her wedding cake wasn't the exact shade of peach as her wedding theme. She said it totally ruined her day.

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I just got engaged! (yay) and I was wondering what was the biggest mistake you made during your engagement/wedding?


I don't have any personal mistakes either. But I do like something Batya33 says, try and remember it's not just about the day. It's about being married.


And don't worry if everything is not perfect. People are coming to celebrate your love and marriage, not to see if the napkins are perfectly folded. You worry about all those little things and you will too much stress to enjoy yourself.


good luck with it all.

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Yes I would second the advice to take it easy and remember that it's about your married life together, not the one wedding day. Weddings can also bring out the wonderful and weird worst in some people: demanding family members, jealous friends, inexplicable behaviours. Now maybe you won't have to deal with any of that, but my advice is to concentrate on what you and your fiance share: your dreams for the future, your values, the traits you complement in one another. It's about you as a team, two individuals coming together to share your futures and forge a new entity between you (the third element - the relationship).


Keep the day as special as you can just for you guys rather than catering to the many whims of everyone who purports to have an interest. Yes, this is about sharing your love and commitment with family and friends, but you both - as a team - need to call the shots and never work against one another. At the end of the day, the choice of canape, the colour of your dress, whether he wears a cummerbund etc will mean very little compared to your memory of a time shared planning and being as relaxed as possible about it all.

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