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  1. I think there is some degree of truth in the video. I consider myself a nice guy that doesn't engage in boorish behavior, but I didn't engage with the super attractive as I didn't have the confidence to. I kind of wrote them off as an option they were too attractive to ever be interested in plain old me. Also, to be honest my brain kind of worked in stereotypical ways as well. I thought they must be dumb, or they must be vain or could you ever trust a girl like that she'd have so many opportunities. Super attractive girls intimidated me but then again most everyone did to some degree or other. I mean there could be another video for the difficulties of being the nerdish, super brain girl. When I was in high school and university I had some major crushes on those types, some were attractive physically, others were not but they had trouble getting dates mostly because people such as myself had low self-esteem and didn't think I was worthy whereas other guys just have to feel superior all the time so they won't even consider someone smarter than them. I really hate that: Why are guys like that? Why can't we (men) just accept playing a secondary role, what is so wrong about being inferior? I guess the poor male ego can't handle it and that is the sad fact. I hate how a lot of men act and behave, even though I am one. I mean it is all based on sex role stereotypes and some warped myth of how things are supposed to be. Hopefully that is changing with the next generation but sadly I'm not so sure.
  2. First of all, I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and concerns. I think I should go for it as well, if I don't I will always wonder what if. Nothing ventured nothing gained and I need to explore this and see where it takes us. Perhaps nowhere, she may not be thinking of me in that kind of way but I need to find out and not assume anything. I kind of want to bear my soul so to speak but the advice on here is don't do it, it is creepy just ask her out. I think I will try it in kind of a casual way, not frame it as a date, perhaps I'll just ask her to go to lunch with me. I really want to talk and kind of explain myself to her. To the previous poster she isn't a real head turner or anything like that but she has inner beauty, she is healthy and has lots of interests and enthusiasm. To be honest I don't really care about physical beauty at this stage of life, I just want someone I feel comfortable around. I don't think of myself as a people person at all, a lot of the time I'm downright people averse, so the fact that I feel something and want to get closer is surprising to me.
  3. Thanks, rainbows I'm not positive on the vice versa perhaps she thinks of me more as just a nice guy, but I need to be honest and tell her how I feel. I really like her, I'm kind of surprised by this I would have never foreseen me feeling this way about someone 20 years older, but I need to put these stupid stereotypical thoughts and myths out of my head and explore this. You are right age doesn't matter. Thanks for the little push I needed it.
  4. Hi, I'm a 53 year old man single, never married. I've met this 73 year old unattached female through a social activity and I'm getting the feeling that she likes me. The thing is at first I thought she is nice, confident, independent but I never thought about her in a romantic type way or as a potential mate. The more I see her though the more I find myself drawn to her she's kind, smart, sensitive (she's not super attractive but that isn't important to me anymore) but I can't get her out of my head and I really look forward to seeing her each week. My heart is telling me go for it pursue her, tell her how I feel but my brain says no she is too old. Then I feel stupid and guilty there are so many double standards with regards to age difference and they don't really make sense. If a 53 year old man has a thing for a 33 year old female he's seen in a good light, whereas the 33 year old female is seen as a gold digger. Conversely, what will people think if I start dating a 73 year old? Why do I/should I care? I know age shouldn't matter we are both beyond child bearing years, so why do I care. Perhaps we only have 10 good years given her age, but 10 good years with someone caring and kind is better than 10 more alone years, so why am I pausing and thinking about this so much. I guess I'm looking for others thoughts, I should just ignore my brain and follow my heart right?
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