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I might quit my job because i like a guy i work with

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Hey all!


I need some help here.


I am real stressed over this, i might quit my job.


See...i like this guy at work. But the thing is i don't act like me around him.


I blush real bad when he talks to me. Even if the question is just work related.


Some days i will talk with him, other days i cannot look at him. He'll try to catch my eye and smile at me, but i will make myself busy and not look at him.


This is not like me! Normally when i like a guy, i can chat up a storm with them and be myself. And i don't blush...but with this guy i act totally bizarro!


I think by me acting so different, i don't think he even wants to be my friend!


I don't get it. What makes him so different? I don't know him that well yet...and i just want to be friends with him first. And i think he likes this other coworker we work with.


I am really upset about it...but i understand though. B/c she is way prettier than i am, and is being herself and i am not being myself at all.


Some days he will talk to me, and i will be so out of it and just reply to the question and not say anything else...though i really want to. I just can't talk to him like i can anybody else.


Why am i acting like this? How on earth do i get this guy to just be my friend?


i am so stressed on the days that he and i work together, that i am seriously considering quitting my job...what do i do?


Please help!!!


thank you for reading this and replying! I really really appreciate it!



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ok hello , i'm sorry to hear about your problem , but dont be to down about you must really like this guy to not be yourself around him i'm a very shy person and kinda know what you are going through , i dont really know what to tell you (never been through that kinda situation) but i can tell you that my sis met 2 of her 3 b/f's at her job and 1 of them was a 2 yr relationship they broke up and still worked together , so my point is that quiting your job will only run away from him , which is no good if you want to start something with him , i hope some one replys with better advice , goodluck

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Jitrenda, for one thing, don't quit your job because of a guy that you are in to. For one thing quittng the job really wouldn't solve your guy problem esp. if you like this guy. Just be yourself and keep on doing ur job, you're there for a job and for money, and yes, relationships do develop at work and there is nothing wrong with that. Just because you act different around him doesn't mean you are weird or crazy, it's a thing called emotions. Good luck to you and keep your job.



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Hi Jitrenda


Your feeling a bit self conscious and maybe a little intimidated by this guy, or maybe a bit under confident in yourself.


Just remember:


He is just a guy.


Smart guys will want to be with someone that makes them happy and is fun to be with. and looks is only skin deep. and you may think this other girl is prettier but this guy may find you more attractive.


So dont give up your job, think of him as just another Joe, he is not better than you, or out of your reach, if he is smart and worthy of your affection then he will be attracted to you, if not, then your better off without him.

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I know exactly how you feel. I like someone i work with more than just a friend. I do get freaked out sometimes when i know he'll be at work when i am. I ususally just ignore him and he ends up coming up to me every single time. sometimes i will go up to him though. i go red too. can't help it. there you go you're not the only one and thankyou for posting this thread because now i know i'm not the only person going through this.

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You sound like me in my head...lol.


Im quiting my job tomorrow....one of the reasons is coz of the guy i like. The other reason is I cant take the work anymore, im sick and tired of it.


So i have other reasons too,..but yeah the guy thing, its a killer. Especially seeing him every single day, more than 5 times.

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