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  1. the final text- I asked her if she wants to go for dinner the next day. She didn't reply and after that I didn't initiate again. We just stopped talking altogether. And during that period, sometimes I initiate contact, sometimes she was the one who initiated.
  2. Hello guys, I am back on this forum again. This time for a different reason, I finally moved on from my ex and was dating this girl, (let's call her Axx) i met online. She is cute, chill and amazing. But back then I still had fears which was carried over from my last relationship that I haven't really dealt with properly- that's why i was so reluctant about Axx. Things eventually fizzled out. She didn't reply to my text one day, then I just stopped texting all together. I haven't been talking to this girl for like 3 months. But I am still interested in her. So, the question is should I jus
  3. Hey, don't think too much into it. Just do what is best for you, take some time off her. Maybe you will see that life is a little lonely without her, but somehow far more fulfilling without the put-downs. And it isn't wrong of you to come back in the second time, neither was it the right thing to do. What I am trying to say is that it has been done, and there is no point thinking whether it was right/wrong; from this point on, just think about what is best for you objectively.
  4. I mean it is kind of ridiculous to expect someone to 'understand' another. We can't get into someone's head unless they want us to. It sounds like you guys have communication issues; if in the future you somehow made her stay then you probably have to tell her about her shouting and tendency to be mean. But right now, if I were you, I would just let her do what she wants. If she thinks it will make her happier, then you know, learn to let go. There is nothing more lonely than being with someone that doesn't want to try anymore (from someone who has been through that aka me). Another advice, do
  5. I love you, but you're a little bish. I am better off being alone, since being with you doesn't make me any happier. Or should I say, you just make it worse. Your ambiguity, your need to hurt me when I unintentionally hurt you is pretty fked up. The way you manipulated my feelings post-breakup, nah ah, not going through that anymore. When I unfollowed you to get some head space, and you blocked me in retaliation? Wow, well played; yeah sure my actions don't affect you in any way. So what if we are best of friends for a long time, I don't need this toxicity in my life. Everyone is selfish but d
  6. In all honestly, if the person wants to be with you. You don't have to 'convince' them to do so. I mean you already said your piece and tried to keep her by your side didn't you? To me, trying to hold onto them once is enough. You don't have to keep holding onto someone who wants to leave. If she wants to leave, let her leave. If she really does love you, she will come back regardless of her ego issues. And her being all like '-for-a-tat?', sounds really childish man. As for the understanding part, does she explain herself really well? Or does she expect you to understand her? I don't know abo
  7. It depends whether you want to be with her. I think you got your answer with 'I cant imagine with her again'. But you know so what if she had sex with someone else, how is that a problem though? She is free to do whatever she wants during that period. If you truly want to make it work with her, get over it man. She is who she is, the sex ain't gonna change who she is.
  8. Hmm, go no contact man, stop stalking her instagram; it isn't going to help you to move on. You are not pathetic, just work on yourself. If she really does want you back, she knows where to find you. Because even if you're in love with her, you can't force her to like/love you. You can't help your feelings either, but you can make a choice whether to choose to love yourself more, work on yourself and be a better person or let her ruin your d*rn life. Don't blame yourself, you can't change the past so just move on. Stay strong brother.
  9. This forum helped me through my break-up, so I am here giving back. I got sorta back with my ex, we are dating but not in a relationship. We are taking things slow right now and going to see how things go from this point on. There was no cheating involved, she just wasn't happy with me anymore. When she dumped me, I did the classic post-breakup behaviours: begging, telling her how much I love her. Whenever she responded, she was either cruel or cold. It was that point that I decided that I deserved to be treated better than that. Cut off all contacts for bout 2 months, enjoyed time alone, r
  10. quit giving me breadcrumbs. Yeah I know I contacted you first when I wasn't sober, but quit getting my hopes up by asking me to hang out when the conversation is going good. I mean I know, you're just keeping me on the end of your line. And I know, I am encouraging this. But I decided this 'weird' state isn't doing it for me anymore. So I deleted your number off my phone and you know, moving on slowly so just do you and don't initiate contact. I think we will have a better time that way.
  11. Less worrying and don't have to consider how my actions would affect her. More free time to do what I want and love.
  12. You sound exactly where I was a few months ago. Trust me. Whatever you do, DON'T break no contact. It makes everything even more complicated than it is. (trust me I know, I drunked text my ex and I wished I hadn't.) It was tougher to go back to NC again, not to mention harder for me to move on with my life. You will get over the social media part, but whatever you do. DON'T BREAK NC. If he wants to find you, he knows where you are. There is no point in chasing someone who decided to give up, it is his choice to come back now.
  13. I agree with the above posts. I have been there a few days ago. Had a few too many cups, did some stupid stuff too e.g. called my ex, made a fuss. But you already apologised, so just leave it. It has happened, try to look forward.
  14. You should just let each other cool off for a while. Don't worry, she wouldn't forget about you. Don't contact her, you both need time to think things through too. When you both decided that you want to fix this, then work it out. You can't do this alone, she needs to want it too. If she ever makes contact with you, try not to get upset/angry at her. It only makes things worse. For now, just focus on yourself.
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