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  1. Thanks for the reply. How about if I go there a bit late?
  2. Each time I went to bars it seems that all the people there were known by each other and had partners to talk. What should I do under such situations? Thanks!
  3. So many websites for singles are not free for contact other members.... Would anyone please recommend a total free site for knowing other singles? Thanks
  4. If I wanna invite a girl studying, reading, looking at sth or just passing by, whom I do not know at all for sth, which will be more seemly? For dinner might be a bit rude and formal, so I think for coffee or for a walk seem to be good. What will girls react under most of these cases?
  5. Got it! I really should be more brave Thanks again!
  6. Thank you for your reply! In fact I am not a shy person at all; I have kept being "initiative" for every dating. However, the fact that girls never contact me forwardly makes me really despondent, since I feel that I am not paid any attention by them. Since I am from China, I need to pay more attention to consider if a topic is not too rude. I definitely wanna talk more about personal stuff to make the relation nearer.
  7. I've come to know some girls and we exchanged our numbers and e-mails. I have also dated several girls. Although those datings seemd to be going well, however, ALL the girls NEVER ever contact me forwardly. So I have a question for mainly girls, that is, when will you contact your guy friends first? Also, is it okay to talk about personal topic after knowing each other for not very long(e.g. ask if she has a bf)? Thx for any help!
  8. To ask if I can kiss you is the worst idea and hardly can you get clear signal that a girl is willing to be kissed by you. I think that you should take the risk of being declined. Maybe you can start with touching her hair and observe her reaction.
  9. In the past times, the relationships in oriental countries always laid on the shade of parents. Rather than picking his/her lover himself/herself, one must obey the decision of their parents. Sometimes they even did not know their bride or groom at all before the wedding. Those who wanted to persue their true love needed to revolt by running far, far away with his/her lover, and they would be punished rigiously if caught. As a result, nowadays, to run into a relationship is damned no matter the third party is the boy/girl 's true love or not. But I know that here is a country of freedom. So I wonder in general, what will happen if a boy comes to like a girl who has already have a boyfriend? Should the boy walk into directly and see the girl's response? Or should he wait until the girl breaks up and then he will have a chance? I know that this situation is bad for all, but sometimes it might be good to throw out what you think?
  10. Thank you for all your help! I also heard that at most cases, a partner can not be a friend as well, and neither can a friend also be a partner. Is it true?Does it mean that you talk more personal affairs to a friend, while flirting is more often with a partner? Seems that I need a long time to learn the whole completely.
  11. Sure. I am from China and as you know, in those oriental countries, it is always more implicit than here. Except some large cities such as Shanghai or Beijing, you can NOT keep an intimate relationship with opposite sex since people there are conservative. So to the opposite sex who are just friends to you, you need to be very polite, at least not to "seem to be off limit". To those "sexual partner", you also need to be very careful before you are sure that you both have interest. And this is the difference of culture in my eyes to date.
  12. I am a foreigner and I am now caught in the gap of culture here. I have come to know several girls and I think maybe I'd like to be friends with some girls that we can talk many many things and some others might be casual partners. My questions is that do these two kinds of relationships sound conflicting with each other? Also, to date I have just dated them for dinner, or for coffee, or hanging around. Are there anything different I shall do if I want to develop different relationships to different girls? Like what topics I shall talke about? Thanks for helping me!
  13. be there for her...do you mean let him wait until he has a chance?
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