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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Rekindling Your Friendship With Your Maid of Honor

    Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life. However, if you've been estranged from your Maid of Honor since the ceremony ended, it can fill you with sadness and a feeling of loneliness. Here are some tips to help you reconnect with your special friend.

    Start by reaching out. Send your Maid of Honor a simple text message or pick up the phone. It can be difficult to make the first move, but simply letting her know that you want to talk can go a long way in mending your friendship. Don’t force the conversation; chances are, she is also feeling some discomfort in the aftermath of the wedding. Respect how she feels and take the time to ask her how she has been. You could try apologizing for any hurt feelings that may have occurred throughout the planning process and after the big day.

    Continue the conversation by keeping in touch regularly. The heart of friendship lies in shared experiences and meaningful conversations, so make an effort to talk about topics that are important to you both. It doesn’t matter if it’s about work, hobbies, relationships, or just recent news and events. Leave room for silence—sometimes it's in those moments when the most meaningful conversations take place.

    Show appreciation for your Maid of Honor. As the person who had been standing by your side throughout the entire wedding planning process, offer your gratitude for all their hard work. Whether this means delivering breakfast, buying lunch, or sending a handwritten note, these small gestures will show her that you cared.

    Lastly, plan an activity or a get-together with your maid of honor. Plan a special surprise like a spa day, or plan to do a set of activities that both of you enjoy. Having something special to look forward to will draw your focus away from the hurt feelings, and allow you two to create new memories together. If you want to stay friends with your Maid of Honor and make your bond even stronger, put in the effort to rekindle your relationship.

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