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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Aspiring for Familiarity - Different Desires in Attraction Revealed by Dating.com

    In a world full of infinite possibilities and ever-increasing options, one thing is still the same: people aim to find familiarity in their partners. This idea of familiarity was recently highlighted in a survey conducted by Dating.com, the leading online dating website, which looked into the physical preferences of its customers.

    The survey asked respondents a range of questions related to attraction, age preference and physical attractiveness. The results were intriguing, shaping new ideals around what people consider attractive.

    When it comes to age, the results showed that age is not as much of a limiting factor as it once was. In looking for their potential long-term partner, the survey participants favored someone who was two to three years older than them. However, when looking for something more casual or short-term, most (48%) of participants preferred an age gap of only one to two years.

    These results work to break down the notion that age has to be a limiting factor in a relationship. With the right connection, age may no longer be a major issue at play.

    In fact, the majority of the survey's participants also showed that when picking a long-term partner they preferred to choose someone with whom they had some shared life experiences. This goes hand in hand with participation’s belief that there is a level of comfort and familiarity that comes from being around someone who understands the life that you have lived. This knowledge serves as a foundation for long-lasting relationships.

    On the physical side, it shouldn't be surprising that participants found certain physical features most appealing when choosing their ideal partner. Women preferred men who were tall, followed closely by tones of muscles and facial hair. Men, on the other hand, identified curvy hips and thighs as the most attractive physical trait in women, followed closely by breast size.

    The survey results support the idea that depth and familiarity are more important now than ever before. People look for comfort in their relationships and seek somebody who can recognize and bring out the best in them. This ideal is trickling down into the small details of attraction and forming a movement centered around cultivating meaningful relationships.

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