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I think I got my closure, what do you guys think?...........

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Well last sunday my girl broke up with me after going together for almost a year. The relationship was not the best and I do know that in my brain except my heart really still cares about her. We would argue all the time over trivial things and I think my stupid jealous comments pushed her away. I know thats what happened. You see, I am 22 and this was my first relationship....I may be 22 and mature in all other aspects, but in relationships, Im only 16 or 17, understand? I fell so hard for her but now after being away from her for 3 days I know that this is what shes wanted for a couple months, i think she didnt want to hurt me because she really does care about me......I do know that theres not another guy, I really believe that she meant it when she told me she didnt want to be with no one.....(shes been in relationships almost back to back for 3 years) and she just wants to hang by herself. (all she does 90% of the time is stays home and watches Lifetime) and she dosnt go out cause her dad is WAY overprotective because she has had open heart surgery twice when she was younger and her dad causes her a lot of stress too. (shes 20 ) so anyways , in the relationship, i always gave 100% and felt she only gave 40% and i guess her heart lost interest.......so i feel alright now, feeling between sadness and anger and I went to give her locker key back today at her work and she told her coworkers to tell me she left early when I know it was a lie ( she was in the back and i guess she was nervous or scared to see me) so I wrote her a little letter and it was givin to her. I DID NOT want her to know I was very sad so i put on the mask and wrote that, " Thank you for what you did" and, " you set me free" and, it feels like a weights been lifted and so i guess its goodbye" ya know, stuff like that, cause I wanted a sense of closure and I do feel a little better. Its only been three days so Im sure ill still have my setbacks. Its just hard to believe its over. She was my first love and Lover and i was alone before i met her and its hard adjusting back to being bymyself ( i have no friends ) im trying to stay busy and im going out to a club/bar this friday night to see what that is all about. my question is do you guys think i wrote some good stuff there? I think i may of shocked her because monday the last time i saw her i was a wreck ( crying and aking for another chance ) so today i appeared really happy and like I was ok so im sure that letter surprised her...........anyways, is that good closure, should i just move on now? thanks

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