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hello.... for those of you following my story, please dont worry, im NOT posting here cos i want to get back together... i am just curious as to what the nitwit is thinking.


after a horrible breakup - him being an arrogant macho , etc (i could go on forever) - im seeing the light. im actually quite content, after 2 weeks.


im doing little contact, needs to be done as he has stuff of mine at his blah blah.


but i have made it clear that he must not text me unless its about 'us' and what i told him to think about - (us starting from scratch, rebuilding our relationship - however not sleeping around) he just couldnt GET why sleeping around was a problem - MORON. he just want to be friends build up trust etc but cant promise he will want me in the end. stuff that.


anyway, i left the convo being in control. i said to think about what ive suggested, otherwise, dont contact me. (unless its about like my stuff or something of course)


yesterday i sent a text asking if hed found my necklace (that i thought his mother had thrown out. it was broken, wrapped in tissue, but it wasnt in the stuff shed 'packed' for me. more like chucked my stuff in black bin bags. (and left loads there still - hence the reason i still need to go get more stuff.


anywya, i sent him message, asking 'have u found my necklace? what day do the bins get taken out? and more importantly have you told your mom what shes done!'


i have to say i was fuming about this necklace.


but he replied saying 'do you want to come round tomorrow? sort out your stuff. maybe watch a movie?' what????? so i ignored this.


much much later, he phoned. he said hed found my necklace, and asked if i was coming round still. and asked if id gotten his text. i acted very cool.


now he didnt have to phone. why did he? he could have just sent a text. did he phone cos i hadnt replied and it was bugging him. has he thought about things and is that why he suggested a movie.??


its just strange. i would LOVE it, if he wanted to try things like i suggested. but only because id be able to say 'ive changed my mind'. so i am hoping he is wanting to work things out... but not necessarily to get him back, just to gain control. after what hes put me through i dont know if i could ever even hold him again.....


so whats he doing .... what does that text mean.......

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Hey girl,


I think that if you do NOT want to get back together, it's best to just get ALL of your stuff back asap, and do strict NC to move on. It seems to me that you want him to want you back so that you can decline. That is a sort of revenge. I think that revenge doesn't really help you on the long term, and in fact the best revenge is to just move on, no hard feelings, and live a happier life.


You seem better of without him. So stay without him, also in your thoughts. You can use your energy for more pleasurable things



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Sounds a bit like you do but you don't want to be back with him. I don't doubt you see the light now and know your better off but at least from my experiance even when I know it's a good thing I still ponder other "bad" thoughts of being with that person again. Depending on which way you wish to go getting all your stuff back at once and start n/c or accepting the loss of whatever you can't get back and starting n/c (this one is the best way to move on to find someone worthy of you). Believe me you deserve someone better! but if you are still playing with the idea that maybe you would give this another go I would say to keep it cool. Be very distant but not rude and see what happens. But get your stuff back either way all at once because no matter what his agenda is if you want what's yours you should do it before he reveals his motives to you.

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