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My Life, The 13 Years.. (I've been living) PLEASE READ!!

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Well I've never ever done this before, but I wanted people to tell me what they think about this.... it's my life story and how I came to be.


My parents I believe from what my mother told me met in (an exotic dancer place... yeah T.M.I but it's true) through a friend we'll just say. But they dated one another for their 'good looks'. My dad just came out of the gulf war/ army. They acthually got married at the church of which I still go to, up to this same very day! But my father couldn't handle my mothers "crazy party life style" and she smoked, and dranked, etc. They got a divorce before I was ever born, and when my mom found out she was pregnant with her (second child in the last 11 years, which was me!!) my dad (and i kinda agree on this) was dumb enough to believe that my mother got pregnant with another man, and he wasn't the father. Now thats pretty much what she had told him, that he wasn't the father. So he went back to the gulf war.


Well my mom raised me okay, we lived in Wisconsin. And I was pretty much cared for by her boy friend (awesome man), they had my little brother taylor when I was about three years old. She was always out some where so I never saw her. But from what I was told she had to go to a "special people" institute (i don't say mental!). I was sent to a foster home at the age of only four!, then I went to live my great-grandma, and believe me... she really fixed me up! ( she was extremely religious) Then I went to a social worker and he made a video of me playing I acthually stil have the tape!! (i was so little!!) and he sent it to my real father, who at the time was in the "sunshine state" with his brand new wife. Later after that, they had to wait for a really long time until they could come see me, I got to meet them. My grandma said I looked JUST like my dad no doubt (lol). They came back another time, and eventually I went to live with them in florida. I traveled about 5,000 in a three passenger truck with my dad and my new step mom, THATS ALOT FOR A 4 YEAR OLD CHILD TO GO THROUGH!!


I'm to lazy to go into details, but I had an VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY ROUGH LIFE, and I got through it.


Today my mom is juts fine and doesn't drink any more and HAS TOTTALLY CHANGED, I acthually talked to her yesterday and she is doing jsut fine. She does rackie (some kinda massaging, i don't really know) Well I see her every single summer, she doesn't spank me or my little sister and brother at all! (it's a recent break through)


As for me right now, well I have A.D.H.D, anxiety issues, and some kinda problem where I have to take prozac. My step mom is practically my whole entire world!! My parents don't smoke, so I guess you could say we "look" like I a normal functioning family. I have one little brother, who's mother is my mom (my step-mom, BUT WE DO NOT SAY STEP MOM, GOT THAT!! sorry).


I'll post much more later, there is ALOT more to the story. Tell me what ya think, please?!

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well i don't wanna end up like my biological mother. I wanna go to college, and be a success story despite my problems. She tells me that I'm the best thing thats ever came out of her!! (litterally) but when I tell people about the way I am they just make fun of me!!! How can I tell them, with out telling them to much, (but it is fun to though, LOL)

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Your life story is no one's business hun! You only have to tell them what you think they need to hear. If you think that telling them about your past will help them understand you better, then go for it. However, this story is best saved for your closest friends. Others don't need to know it, it will only confuse them and may change their perceptions of you, though there isn't any reason for it.

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well it kinda makes them understand me mroe and why I act a certain way. But like when I go to get my medicine in the clinic, I come back later than the other kids from lunch. The say "oohh, yo laite gurl", really kinda rude!! Then they start asking why, and i tell them that it's a problem of my own and not theirs. They call me things like, phsyco, special girl, slow, retart, stupid * * * * *, and etc! Their is this one boy who really picks on me and has been doing it since the beginning off the school year. I think this is because I told the teacher that he'd written on one of the t-squares (this was in 'shop' class) "MY NAME, is a fag, true, true" (yes there was 2 trues. He wrote it cause he'd thought I'd written his name in that same form on another t-square, BUT I DID NOT! So now me and that man * * * * * are like enemies, he picks on my and calls me really rude names, and i make better grades, and cititzenship grades to! This boy is always trying to attract attention, is so **narsistic (self-centered). He in with the popular group at school, this has got to stop! Now I really do need help, I've told my mom about him, my teachers, I EVEN GOT MY MOM TO RIGHT A LETTER SYAING THAT I'D LIKE A CLASS CHANGE SO I WOULD'NT HAVE TO BE IN EVERY OTHER CLASS WITH THIS BOY!! (litterally)

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please don't tell people about your personal life until you are sure they can handle it. the internet is a great place to get your thoughts out so use this forum instead of telling your classmates about your past. You've been through alot and grown through it so you understand things in a way that other 13 year olds don't get.


my dad was a drug addict and he died from an overdose when I was little. The kids in school used to always want to know what happened to him. But when I would tell them they would be so stupid and ignorant. Even now, there are only a few of my friends who I would tell that to. Not that it's a secret, but seriously people don't need to know such personal stuff until they are a close friend and have gained your trust.


It sucks that the kids in school are mean to you sometimes. But telling them about your history won't help. Just try to ignore the stupid kids and make friends with the nice ones. I know it's not that simple, but you've been through worse and you can get through this. Just to let you know - those bully kids ALWAYS end up being the loser deadbeats who go nowhere in life.

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intotheocean: so what's the problem? You afraid you'll be like your mom? I think a lot of people with troubled pasts have those types of fears. You are another totally different person than your mom. You have even been raised by other people. I have to say, I think your story makes for a great adult someday. You are getting SO much experience in life that can really help others someday. So what's the problem? Doesn't this all just make you stronger and wiser? I went through a lot my teenage years and I thought no other kid had it as bad as I did. Now I HELP teens through an organization called "The Torch Foundation" everywhere from Compton/Watts, CA to Monterey, CA. And now I know we all have our stories. We all have our inseecurities. Even the kids you think don't have a care in the world. I promise!!! Now go and be as strong as you have been! Who cares what those kids think? Tell them you weren't trying to impress THEM anyway. So you're okay with what they say. Just let it slide right off, K?

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Hey, people have told me that I talk WAY too much. ;-)


My ex used to ask me if I ever thought anything that didn't come out of my mouth. I had a girl that I was dating, tell me that I share too much sometimes and I seemed as if I was trying to convince her, when I spoke to her.


To me, sharing is caring. ;-) I had to learn to tone that down. I also had to learn that a little mystery is a good thing and just because you can say something, doesn't mean that you should.


What I am trying to say is to let people judge you on your merits. Don't give them false ammo to use against you.


Now get in here and keep posting...;-)

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