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Any sign of interest here?


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Hello all


I often go to the gym, however there are not many girls at the one I go, however a new girl just came maybe 2 weeks ago. I found her quite cute, so the last time I saw her, I tried to make eye contact. Surprisingly, she was looking at me, but I guess I didn’t expect it and didn’t hold the look. Second time same thing. However, third time, again I make eye contact as she was on the bench next to me and I smile and say hello, she reply with a small smile and short hello. She then looks away.


I felt a bit uncomfortable as I would have expected a bit more warm reply. Later I cross her again, make eye contact and smile; she was again looking at me but didn’t really smile. I was on my way out so no luck.


I was wondering, do you people think she’s shy or not interested, but if she’s not interested why she was always making eye contact with me...just to be nice?


However next time ill try to initiate small talk with her, ill she how she will react. So I already have my plan but I was wondering if you people think its a lost cause.


Thank for your input.

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From my experience, most women in gyms don't like to be hit on. I think you should let her make a move if she's interested to get to know you. In a gym, no offense, but many guys are there checking out women...and some women really just go there to train, and don't enjoy feeling "observed".

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There is no way to tell with certainty either way. People always make the mistake of thinking you call gauge interest by little signs like this. Any of those things you described could mean one of 100 things.


The best way to find out for sure is to strike up a conversation and if it goes well, ask for a number and/or date.

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too many threads on this site asking what people think of 'signs'. you can never really know unless you act on them. some people give off inviting signs that are perceived as "he/she is into me" all of the time. it could just be simple kindness to some.

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