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A year..And still can't forget

The Mask

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Hi all eNotAlone'rs!


It's been a year since I last spoken to my ex..Maybe more maybe less time, I lost count..

Anyways some brief review of my problem : Been together for month, best friend since then for a year (with me madly in love with her) and now a year of NC..


Now I never ever gotten over her actually..Still 24\7 with her on my mind..But the last 2 maybe 3 weeks I'm in depression, I want to contact her but my ego is just way too high, I want to call her but at the same time I don't..I really just want to ask her how she's doing thats all..


Anyways, those 2-3 weeks have been hell for me..I get the same feeling after we broke up and when I begged her to come back to me (well,thats a different story). It hurts like hell as you probably know..But these feeling got stronger, I mean an year ago I would just feel my heart is about to explode, nowdays I feel the same but It's getting harder for me to breath..I get panic attacks and It's the first time I ever felt that way!


I never had those feelings! I mean yeah, I get nervous from time to time but I never expiriensed the harden breathing thingy..And most certainly not panic attacks!!


Now I'm not asking for advice on should I break NC or not, I'm asking this if this is normal..I mean it's been a year!

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