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  1. I dreamt about my ex for a solid month after we broke up! It was the worst! Not only did thoughts of him occupy my daytime, but I couldn't even get a good night's sleep! Thank God that changed. Hehe, I actually had a dream punched his mom who I felt was an enabler in his depression. But they stoppped... I had a dream about going on a safari where there were 8-foot dogs and lions last night. Totally unrelated!!
  2. An ex of mine played me real well! We did long distance, but little did I know till later after our breakup, he would fly into town and hook up with my roommate. I was devestated at first, but it was the push I needed to get over him and move on. It's been 4 years and he still tries to get me back but his chances have all run out! So yeah, it hurts right now and you feel betrayed, used, lied to ... but do you really want someone like that in your life anyway? This could be the beginning of freedom for you
  3. This guy has liked me for over a year and is all gung-ho about dating me. We hung out for a few weeks...never kissed or anything. Last night we went out and I ended up staying at his place. (doh!) Oops. His friends say he is REALLY into me, but I am at the stage where I just don't know if I am ready to date. Sad thing is, this new guy is great! Timing just sucks! We were cuddling in his bed and I started to cry. (Yeah, you can tape "Loser" accross my forehead!) He asked if he did anything wrong, and of course he didn't. Bah. I wish I could just get over my ex already!!
  4. Healed after 2 weeks?? Wish I had that blessing!! It's been 2 months for me and I still feel it nice and fresh! But, I agree.... DON'T contact the ex if they broke up with you. They need to live with their decision. If they want to have some kind of relationship with you, even if it is just friends, they will contact you.
  5. i agree that life goes on... i work for a great company and own my own business on the side. after the breakup i got a promotion, and my business has taken off. i have been crazy busy... but at the same time i want to be able to share my success with my "best friend." things are going really well for me in every area of life except for the ex issue. it's not like i am wallowing in misery each night... he text me "happy birthday' this past weekend, and has stated he wants to talk "soon enough" when we are both comfortable...but that message came a month ago. i am moving on and letting go even though i don't want to. i was even dating another guy for a few weeks, but he doesn't compare. my ex def. raised my standards. it's just each guy i try to date only reminds me of how much better my ex was! but...at the same time, for the first time in my life i am ok being single. if i can't find anyone that makes me feel the way my ex did or better, i am happy doing my thing alone.
  6. The reason for the end of my last relationship was honestly his fault. I had been contemplating breaking up with him for a month, but believed in us and believed we could overcome our obstacles. We both graduated college the same spring. He moved in with his parents while trying to figure out life, while I had to live with friends until I found a job. (Took me 3 months!) I was understanding of his difficulty finding a job and didn't pressure him. 6 months later we are in the same situation... I have a job and car... he still lives with his parents and drives his dad's old car. We lived an hour apart so it was basically up to me to commute to see him since his car wouldn't make it. Besides that, he didn't have money to take me out much, so I ended up footing the bill most of the time. I still believed in us though because I loved him and I knew he was smart and could get a good job if he just tried a little harder. I never nagged, never complained... the only time I did mention how much it sucked that he lived with his folks was, at Thanksgiving I got sick at his parent's house and had to drive home sick. I couldn't stay there. I just felt like he didn't really put a lot of effort in... I was working my * * * off...working 3 jobs...just so we could have a relationship. He cared about me to pieces... I know this... he was just so depressed that he handicapped himself. Then he broke up with me. I didn't think I would be so upset. I miss him like I have never missed an ex before... we had a very strong bond... we were best friends. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that after all I put up with and all I did to make us work that HE dumped ME! He used the "you were wonderful, you did nothing wrong" line...and I actually believe it. Of course there are always things I could have done better...but nothing to warrant our relationship coming to an end. He has not been out with his friends...he has become a hermit. I want to get in touch with him (it's been 2 months) but I don't know what good that would do. He broke up with me... if he wants to talk he knows my number. It is still hard though when the person you love most is the person you can't call.
  7. yeah. good job at not responding!! he just wants his ego stroked... don't do it!
  8. Thanks for replying, everyone! I didn't have my sis text him or anything... I just let it be. Late night on my bday he did send me a simple "Happy birthday" to my phone. The next day I texted back "thanks And that's all. The reason for the breakup was not that we fell out of love...perhaps he was never in love to begin with. He is going through a hard time in life right now... even his best friends confirm he is depressed...that he still likes me but feels like he would be holding me back if we were together. His best friend came for my bday dinner...and paid the entire $300 tab! He told me a few weeks after the breakup, "I thought you were by far his best girlfriend...he is stupid." He hasn't really hung out with any friends since our split, nor does he answer calls of text people back, according to his close friends. I am trying to move on... I have been seeing a guy for a few weeks. Last night he cooked me dinner. He is smart, good looking, caring... but he's not my ex. So, we are taking it slow. I don't want to ruin chances with this new guy by rebounding too soon.
  9. So, my sister said she would text my ex to tell him he should text me on my bday, which is tomorrow. We broke up on good terms...he is depressed. Basically, we still had feelings for each other and he has been avoidant of his friends ever since. He is having a hard time. It would be nice if he would remember my bday, but am not sure if it is the best thing to do...
  10. I am going through the same thing! What I decided to do, since lent is already underway, I am using it as a good excuse to walk away from myspace until Easter. I kept looking at my ex's profile. We ended our relationship with no hard feelings...just a lot of sadness. We didn't fight...he is just depressed and needs to do some hard work in is life. I don't want to block or delete him...that will send a childish message. Especially since it has been 2 months, if I do that now, he will know I am still affected by him. So...I just left a blog telling people if they need to reach me, to call me. Otherwise, see everyone after Easter! I already feel a sense of peace. Also, block them from IM. They won't know you have blocked them...then you don't have to see when they're on and they won't see when you are. I did that with a different ex of mine for a few months. It was wonderful!
  11. I think I wish someone older and wiser would have told me that one of the most important things the person you spend the rest of your life with should be is your friend. Ultimately, when all else is gone, they are your friend... your best friend. The person who knows you better than anyone else...the person you just love to be around because they are fun and they make you smile. Romance, physical chemistry, all that is good... but a true friend will have your best interests at heart.
  12. My mom was in a very abusive relationship before meeting my dad. She married young, at 19. He would cheat on her, verbally abuse her, and left her pregnant because he did not want kids and she would not get an abortion. They divorced, but once their daughter was born, he even abused her sexually. My mom cut all ties and won full custody of my half-sister. My mom was 23. She spent the next 7 years working on herself, her spiritual growth, and raising her daughter. She resolved she would just be single forever...and she was okay with that! Then, one day at work she sees my dad. She sees him again that Sunday at church. Wondering why she never noticed him before, he came up to her and asked what places around were good for taking people out on dates. He asked another woman out, oblivious that my mom liked him. Well, they just developed a friendship that love blossomed from and the rest is history. They've been married for 27 years now and my mom says my dad is her best friend. They say a divorce, especially a bad one, it takes about 7 years to truly get over it. It can certaintly differ depending on each individual case, but you are doing fine. You are normal, and things WILL get better.
  13. well if you were the one to break it off, it's up to you to try get your ex back! if you really regret it, go for it. no guarantee your ex will go for it, but it's your job to repair what was broken.
  14. Did you break up with her or the other way around?
  15. Thanks for the encouragement. I also decided to give up myspace for this month to make sure I don't check up on him! I pray and wish the best for him. I was the only girl he mentioned marriage to in over 6 years... I know he still had feelings when he broke up with me, but who knows if those feelings will still be there when he is better? I understand it could take months and months if not years for him to get out of his hard time. He said he didn't expect me to wait for him. I won't...but he will be a tough act to follow.
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