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Valentines Day...

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Been with my bf for 4 years now, and I'm unsure of what to do for him for valentines day. I've always been the "thoughtful" one in our relationship and i've been going down this list of ideas for about a year and a half for his bday, christmas, anniversary.. and now i'm just plain out of ideas. here's what i've done for him in the past, let me know if you all have any new ideas!


Bday: a cologne he'd had his eyes on, and a signet ring with his initials engraved


Christmas: An espresso machine he'd wanted for years, now that he had a place to put it


Anniversary: (we do small things for this bc it falls between Christmas and Vday so we're pressed for cash -- I don't receive a gift normally, but I get a REALLY nice 5 star dinner -- and I normally get him a gift to repay for the expensive night) I got him a new wallet and a couple nice quality beanies because he'd been complaining about the weather and he'd never had one before along with a stylish necklace.


I don't know what to do. . .

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Simple things are good too. How about cooking him his favorite dinner (or dressing it up into something fancy), a few candles, a massage...?


For V-day, my new guy is planning to do the above for me. I thought I'd surprise him with a little silly gift - I bought him a HUGE package of Hershey's Kisses, another of Hershey's Hugs - and say that I am looking forwards to sharing plenty of both with him

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