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I read this whenever I am down. It gives me the strength to go on. Maybe it will help others too.


"I will let her go. I will let her figure out what she wants, even if it isnt me. If she has to call me someday and tell me she wants to try again, it will happen exactly like that, nothing can change that. If it is not meant to happen that way, nothing can change that either.


I will make my own life better. I will concentrate on the big things in my life - my job, my music, my workouts and my public speaking. I will put all my efforts into making myself better in these areas. I will believe that what is happening is for the best, and that something wonderful and beautiful will eventually come out of it one day. Things do sort themselves out, but only if you are strong enough to make it through difficult times, maybe hurt but never scarred.


I cannot wallow in what was and in what could be. I will not listen to sad songs. I will make a list of happy songs and only listen to those. I will not speak about our relationship when she calls. I will be happy for her. I will grieve when I need to, but I will not spend hour after hour moping about what has happened. I will cherish the fact that I am where I am, and that I get to do the things I get to do. I will understand that only by experiencing sadness of this magnitude will I make way for lots of joy in the future. I will revel in the knowledge that life has many joyful surprises in store for me, and that those are worth living for. My life is wonderful in every way. My life is worth living for."

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"Que sera, sera,

Whatever will be, will be;

The future's not ours to see.

Que sera, sera,

What will be, will be."


Though I rather enjoy hanging onto what could be. It's all I've got, and it brings me comfort. I still can't sleep at night, but at least I can go about my day to day business knowing that we'll be together again someday.

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Thats really cool katman. Its awesome that you read this when you're down.


Since my breakup, I keep focusing on this line which has become kinda like my mantra: "You create what you focus on".


That means that if I focus on the pain of the breakup, the anger etc... Then I am creating more of it. But if I focus on positive things and have faith in the future, then thats what my energy is dedicated to building.

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